Some Video Clips by Murphy and Red

Here are some clips from YouTube that you may not have seen. (Or you may have if you're an inveterate haunter of YouTube.) This first one comes from The Music Box Project, an oral history project compiling stories of women who play traditional music. Murphy and Red play Murphy's original song "When My Mama Sang To Me" in their studio in Winchester, VA.

This second clip is from the Spirit of the Suwanee festival in 1989. Red and Murphy sing "East Virginia Blues" with Karen Spence on tenor and playing bass, George Custer on fiddle, and Tuck Tucker on dobro.

This third clip is from the same festival. It's Murphy's song "How They Loved to Sing"

9 thoughts on “Some Video Clips by Murphy and Red

  1. Martha Carlton

    What spectacular clips from the songs Murphy and Red have sung. I adored the songs as well as the energy that Murphy showed in her singing. How WONDERFUL!!!!

  2. Steve (in Japan)

    Excellent music, great entertainment and lots of energy in the above videos. You should put them along with other clips on a DVd, and they’d sell!

    I hope everybody noticed Red’s left hand fingering on his guitar in the first video clip. His fingers barely leave the strings. Smooth!

  3. Martin Bacon

    i believe I did hear your Mama sing (through you). And now in my never ending effort to find work for you and since the gospel album is only on cassette and I can only listen to it in the truch, how about getting that w hole family of yours together and make an album called “Songs My Mama Sang To Me”.

    God Bless You All.

  4. Steve (in Japan)

    Yes, and how about putting all those audio (cassette tape) banjo lessons, with songs like ‘Little Darlin’ Pal of Mine,’ on CDs so that all of us who joined TMM late can buy them to add to our collection. I hope you’ll condsider it. Thanks.

  5. Casey


    Just as soon as we have all the time in the world we’ll do that, but it’s about as much as we can manage getting NEW products out every year, much less resurrecting OLD stuff. I really do wish we had time and resources to do it, though.


  6. CJ (Michigan)

    My mom died 18 years ago, yesterday…so your Mama song touched my heart today. It’ll never be the same on the earth…but we shall meet on that sweet Shore…with our LORD!

    Thanks for sharing!

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