Murphy Henry

So, my banjo student Mark comes in yesterday for his lesson with a story to tell. He says he was driving home from work, listening to my CD, M and M Blues, which I had given him on our shared birthday, May 18. It was not his first listen, of course, so it didn’t hurt my feelings when he said he’d gotten tired of listening to me and, wishing for a change, had turned the CD player off and turned his radio on. Much to his jaw-dropping surprise, there I was again, playing “John Hardy,” my name glowing cheerfully at him from the digital display. “Turn me off, will you?” I seemed to be chuckling. “I don’t think so!” Needless to say, Mark was a little freaked. Apparently the Universe was thinking, naw, you really haven’t heard enough of Murphy!

So many thanks to either Chris Jones or Ned Luberecki, two of the DJs on the Sirius XM show, “Bluegrass Junction,” for playing “John Hardy,” which is one of the cuts on the Stelling Anthology CD. Mark was also mightily impressed by the bass playing on that tune which was done by my fav-o-rite bass player of all time, Casey Henry! I might also mention that Ned has a couple of dynamite tunes on that same CD, with the extremely clever titles “Emergency Pulloff” and “Nedscape Navigator.”

I now return to my previous engagement, writing the General Store column for Bluegrass Unlimited. This short blog was brought to you by a cup of instant Starbucks! Buzz!

5 thoughts on “Shortie

  1. Mark Heilman

    It was awesome to see your name up there on the screen and know it was being broadcast far and wide.

  2. Casey Henry

    The pressure! The pressure! We do what we can. Some of us are busy gestating, you know!

  3. Ned Luberecki


    On behalf of Chris, myself and the rest of the SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction staff, it is our pleasure to be a part of your world domination conspiracy. And thanks for the mention of my tunes on the Stelling Anthology. I guess now would be a completely inappropriate time to mention that I have tabs for both of those tunes, huh? 😉

    Your pal,

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