Custom Lesson Update

Casey Henry

Here is my periodic update of the new additions to the custom lessons list. These are the ones I've gotten done in the last two or three weeks. Some interesting songs here. "Gentle On My Mind" is a challenge because the melody mostly consists of only two notes. "Ring of Fire" is Earl's break from when he recorded it not too many years back on that CD called "Earl Scruggs and Friends." Billy Bob Thornton is singing lead on this cut. Not one of my favorite versions of the song, but Earl's break is dead-on and it was fun for me to sit down and figure it out because I haven't studied that much of his later period stuff. Very syncopated.

These lessons can be ordered from my website here.

The complete list of all the lessons available is here.

Also, I added guitar practice tracks for the following tunes:

Dear Old Dixie
Wabash Cannonball in G
Bells of St. Mary's
Clinch Mountain Backstep in A

And if you don't know what the deal is with these guitar tracks you can read about it here.