Walking West To Memphis

Murphy Henry

In the midst of everything else that’s been happening in my life, in the lives of our family, I don’t want to forget to give you the follow-up about son Chris’s song, "Walking West to Memphis." As I told you, it was nominated for IBMA Song of the Year. Well, as it turned it, Chris’s song didn’t win, BUT the album that it appeared on, Help My Brother, by the Gibson Brothers, did win Album of the Year! And Leigh Gibson did thank Chris and all the songwriters from the stage of the Awards Show which I thought was very classy. Chris handled not winning with much aplomb and grace. I think he understood that just being nominated (that old cliché!) was a real honor. And he received several text messages right after the winner was announced, most of which said, “I still think your song was the best!” Which helped!

Red and I were sitting right beside him at the Awards Show, while Casey and Dalton and my niece Natalie Pate along with Red’s mom, Renee, and his uncle banjo player John Hedgecoth were sitting in the balcony. We were all so proud of Chris for writing such a great song! And he’s got many others which are equally as good. I look forward to their finding their way onto other albums. You go, Chris!

4 thoughts on “Walking West To Memphis

  1. Martin Bacon

    Congratulations Chris. Tom T Hall told me he bought his farm with Harper Valley PTA so it only takes one. Keep at it:)


  2. Susan

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Having heard BOTH Chris (singing this song live several times) and having heard the Gibson Brothers rendition (on my car stereo), I prefer Chris’s singing and guitar playing sooooo much more! He has that certain something that just lays that tune right out there in such a believable way. My God, what talent!!!! Keep ’em comin’, Chris!

  3. Scott Frennier

    Great song. I’m glad you allowed the Gibson Brothers to play your song. I grew up with Eric and Leigh in Ellenburg Depot NY and I know from personal experience that they are great guys, actually the whole family are great people. I hope they did it justice. Keep those songs a comin’

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