Banjo in Honda Ad

Casey Henry

Does it mean that the banjo is mainstream now that it had appeared in a Honda magazine ad on a list of things to do before having kids? (Click picture to embiggen)

Honda Ad

On a side note, I have an outfit pretty much like that one, though I've never played the banjo while wearing it. I wore it to my 30th birthday picking party!

11 thoughts on “Banjo in Honda Ad

  1. Geoffrey

    Hah! I didn’t know you were a Simpson’s fan 😉

    And unless “skyaking” is also mainstream, then I guess the answer is an unfortunate no. 🙁

  2. chris

    I could vote the banjo as being mainstream. Taylor Swift (kind of) plays one. At least it looks very banjo like. And she’s about as mainstream as it gets, I think. I wouldn’t necessarily qualify myself as an authority on the subject….I do love that song from the Oh Brother movie though…

  3. David Y.

    Picture Casey you know NO Picture didn’t happen. hahaha. Hope all is well with ya’ll.

    David From Nashville

  4. admin

    There were some pictures, but no good ones. My eyes were demon-like red in all of them, so y’all won’t be seeing them!

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