Custom Lesson Update

Casey Henry

Here's what's new lately on the custom lesson front. Some really interesting tunes I think. These can be ordered from my website, of course.

  • City of New Orleans (I) - Steve Goodman song recorded by many, many people. Watch clip.
  • Daddy's Dream (A) - One of Sammy Shelor's banjo tunes. Watch clip.
  • Double Banjo Blues (A) - the Don Reno classic. These breaks can also be used on "Foggy Mountain Special." Watch clip.
  • Fox on the Run (Alternate Version) (I) - Two breaks here (verse and chorus). This is DIFFERENT from the Bill Emerson version I taught earlier. Simpler. From a recording sent to my by a student. Watch clip.
  • Grandfather's Clock (I) - My own arrangement of this. It's a fun one to play. Watch clip.
  • I Know You're Married (Kickoff only) (A) - Another Reno classic. This kickoff is legendary. Hard, but legendary! Watch clip.
  • I'll Be There for You (Bon Jovi song) (A) - Backup for the entire song. Watch clip.
  • Imagine (A) - My own solo-banjo arrangement of this John Lennon song. Watch clip.
  • Lonesome Fiddle Blues (A)- A rather Scruggsy break to this fiddle tune, which most people play melodically. It's easier this way, though you don't get as much of the melody. Watch clip.
  • Never Say Goodbye (Bon Jovi song) (A) - Again, backup for the entire song. Watch clip.
  • Northern White Clouds (A) - Scruggsy break to this Bill Monroe tune, recently popularized by Michael Cleveland. Watch clip.
  • Spanish Pipedream (I) - John Prine! I love John Prine and I love this tune, which I always think of as "Blow up your T.V." Watch clip.
  • Sunny Side of the Mountain (I) - A Jimmy Martin classic. This break is from JD Crowe playing it with the Grascals on YouTube. Watch clip.
  • Walk the Way the Wind Blows Backup in D (I) - Good, solid 1-4-5 backup in the key of D. Watch clip.
  • Why You Been Gone So Long (A) Watch clip.

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