Jam Session #2 This Coming Wednesday, Nov. 28

Murphy Henry

I don’t “tweet” or “twitter” or “Facebook” (yet!) but wanted to let you all know that my students and I will be jamming again this coming Wednesday, November 28, in Winchester. We’ll start around 7 pm and end around 9 pm. All instruments and all levels are welcome! We’ll pick some slow and we’ll pick some fast. We’ll sing some, and we’ll do some instrumentals. You can sit in the back and chord or vamp or you can step up to the plate and try to take a break. If you trip, stumble, and fall, no one cares!!! Everyone will says, “Good try! Way to go!”


The jam is a Tip Jar Jam. You only have to pay whatever you think the jam was worth to you personally on that night! And the Tip Jar will be set up in an obvious place!


I am heading for Georgia on Monday to close on selling my dad’s house (sad) but will be back by Wednesday afternoon, ready to teach lessons and then to jam!


If you are interested and want more information, send an email or give us a call. And if you are coming from a long distance, please call before you come. (800-227-2357)


The list of tunes we did last time is in a previous blog, possibly the November 15th blog. Check it out if you want to know some of the tunes we’ll be picking!