Tip Jar Jam #2

Murphy Henry

Eleven Murphy Method students showed up to jam again last night (November 28) and an excellent time was had by all!


Braving the slightly chilly weather were:


Bob Van (guitar and bass)

Sandy (fiddle)

Bob A (guitar)



John (Casey’s student)

Kasey (Casey’s student!)

Ben (Casey’s student)


Todd (guitar)

Zac (bass and banjo)
All those not identified with instruments played banjo. Six banjo players!


Zac had told me last week that he’d like to try his hand at playing the bass, so Bob Van brought his bass. Bob and I had a little “discussion” when I told him I wasn’t sure Zac was coming to the jam. He growled and groused about having brought the bass and why hadn’t I called him so he could have emailed Zac, blah, blah, blah. I told him I’d had to go to Georgia on Monday and had just gotten back and hadn’t had time to think about anybody but myself. To which he responded: “So, what else is new?” Needless to say, I was relieved when Zac showed up!


Zac had never played upright bass before (I’d given him a couple of lessons on an electric bass) but the only question he asked before we started jamming was, “How do you make a C chord?” Which just cracked me up! I showed him on the spot and he did a great job playing bass! Even raised a blister!


We did most of the same songs we’d done in the first jam, with Bob Van helping out immensely with the singing. Which, of course, is one of the good things about jamming—you keep doing the same songs over and over so you actually get to where you can play them!


I was very proud of first-time jammer and beginning guitar student (1.5 years) Bob A, who kicked off two songs with a lead guitar break!! He did Two Dollar Bill and Will the Circle Be Unbroken. I told him afterwards that he must be the kind of person who performs well under pressure! I had also put some pressure to take a few lead guitar breaks on Bob Van, and he did very well! I told him I wanted him to serve as and inspiration to Bob A. His reply included several non-Sunday School words.


We mostly stayed in G, venturing into the key of A only for Old Joe Clark (at Sandy’s request). That required the requisite tuning problems, both going there and getting back to G.


We’ll be jamming again next Wednesday, December 5, from 7-9. All instruments, all levels. Come jam with us if you can. For more info, email us or give a call! We play slow for the beginners and faster for the more advanced students, so there’s something for everyone!


And now I’m off to take my car to Kern Toyota to see about this low-pitched rumbling which is driving me crazy. The faster I drive, the higher in pitch the rumbling goes. Hope it’s not expensive!!!!

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