Watch the Trailer: Pretty Good For A Girl

The trailer for Murphy's new book is up! Watch her talk a little and play a little:

You can read more about the new book here and you can order it here.

2 thoughts on “Watch the Trailer: Pretty Good For A Girl

  1. martha carlton


    I am so proud of you for writing such a thoughtful, thorough, and fascinating history of women who played bluegrass instruments. It was a herculean efffort, I know, but what a jewell you have produced. I love the title too!!!

  2. Martin Bacon

    I enjoyed your video and I already know the book is great. I put a link to the video on Banjo Hangout so hopefully more people will get a chance to see it. Hope you don’t mind. If you do, I will have to get it taken down:) Looks like Dalton’s banjo. I sure do like that banjo.

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