Scholarship Available for Women’s Banjo Camp

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

I know it's last minute, with the dates for the Women's Banjo Camp being July 19-21, but we have scholarship money available for one young woman, age 8-22. The scholarship would cover camp tuition only (it does not cover lodging) but still, it's a chunk of change! ETA: Thanks to an anonymous donor we now have TWO scholarships available.


If you know of a young woman who plays banjo at any level (probably not someone who has been playing less than two months....), who fits the age requirement, who is able to attend (please check on this!), and who could use help with the tuition, please send her name and contact info to us at the Murphy Method email address:


I hope and suspect that we will get more than one name, and if we do we will number the entries in the order received, put all the numbers in a hat and have a drawing for the lucky winner. The number will be chosen completely at random and neither Casey nor I will do the drawing.


We will draw for a winner on June 28 and will contact the winner as soon as we draw. So, again, please include contact information. If in any event the winner cannot attend or has to drop out, we will draw again. So you've got two weeks and a half to send in your suggestions.


The camp is being held here in Winchester, Va., at the Courtyard Marriott. We start Friday, July 19, at 1 pm and finish up Sunday, July 21, at 1 pm.


We are soooo looking forward to our first All Women's Banjo Camp! Who knows where this may lead????

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  1. Martin Bacon

    One of my medical assistant’s daughter’s is learning to play MM style on my Goldtone. She plays several other instruments, so she is a “musician and a banjo player”. I asked her Mom if she would be free. What a great opportunity.

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