The Longest Day Jam on JUNE 21: The Details

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

Howdy, folks!
Here are few last-minute details for those of you who are planning to come to The Longest Day Jam this Friday, June 21, from 9 am-9 pm. I have NO IDEA how many folks are coming but I'm hoping we have a big crowd! (Here is the previous post with a little backstory.)


Alzheimer's Association Longest Day Logo1. The location: 23 South Stewart Street, Winchester, VA. Big white house. Come in the front door. This is near downtown Winchester. Walking distance to lots of stuff.


1.5. The Time: 9 am-9 pm. We will actually end the jamming part right before 8 pm so Casey's band, the Gooseneck Rockers, can play a set from 8-9. The rest of us will just listen!


2. Parking: Plenty of parking on the street, both sides. And on side streets.


3. Food: We will provide bottled water all day long and a small snack in a paper bag (apple, granola bar). There is a Subway one block away and there is also our current favorite eating place Bonnie Blue about three blocks away. They serve Southern food, locally grown: BBQ, fish and grits, greens, potato salad, and yummy desserts! You can also get great coffee there.


4. Chairs: We'll try to provide enough, but if you have a folding chair, please bring it!


5. Jamming: I will be leading the jam (most of the time!), and will see that everyone who wants to play, gets to play. IF THE JAM GETS TOO BIG, we will try to split into smaller jams. Bob Van Metre has said he'll be glad to lead a second jam. Please work with us on this! If it's pretty, some of us can play outside. If it's rainy, we make have to TAKE TURNS jamming. I will try not to be too much of a control freak, and if other jams spring up inside or out, and the music does not conflict with the main jam, then let 'er roll!


6. Donations: We will have a computer set up (with someone who knows how to use it!) if you want to donate online. Here is the link to donate if you can't come jam with us on Friday. We will also be TAKING DONATIONS, cash or checks. We've already raised over $3000 in online donations and checks sent to me!!! Go us!!!


And that all I can think of! See you there!

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