Tiny Tuesday Jam

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

For the first time ever, we only had one and half students at the Tuesday jam. I say "a half" because Kenney could only stay for half an  hour before he had to get back home to his sweetie, Janet, who had surgery on her guitar-fretting hand Monday. One of her fingers was "triggering" (and hurting) and that was definitely interfering with her guitar playing so, naturally, she had to have that fixed! Get well soon, Janet, we miss you!

Betty Fisher, our current Murphy Method Poster Child, stayed the whole time (okay, we did quit a little early...) and she and I had a good time playing all her songs which now include:

Banjo in the Hollow

Cripple Creek

Cumberland Gap

Boil Them Cabbage (low and hi)

I Saw The Light

Do Lord

She can vamp to all of these using the F shape and she's only been taking for a few months. (She must have a great teacher! Which would be Casey!) Betty's current songs, Worried Gal and Two Dollar Bill, are coming right along but that long slide on the fourth string is giving her a tiny timing problem which we worked on a teeny tiny bit. (Hope you don't mind me doing a spot of teaching, Casey!)

A word to the wise: Betty said she is also enjoying using her capo, especially after reading my capoing blog. Just for fun, she now plays all her songs in A and then all her songs in C. Doing that has really helped her playing and her vamping. Go thou and do likewise!

Tonight, Wednesday, November 13 will be the first anniversary of the Tip Jar Jam! We've been jamming for a whole year! I wish I could say we are going to have special celebration but I have been way too tied up in the production of our new performance DVD, Murphy and Casey Play and Sing Bluegrass Songs For You. Red and I have been working on the Bloopers (30 of them!) and we have some hysterical shots, especially of Casey, Marshall Wilborn, Tom Adams, and me. In one shot I tell Tom if he keeps screwing up he can be fired!

As you will see, we had a ball shooting this DVD. For the first time ever I have also included a commentary track for all the songs. We are setting the DVD up so you can watch the songs with or without the commentary. I think you'll enjoy watching it both ways. The DVD should be ready soon. We'll let you know.

But right now, Happy Anniversary to all the Tip Jar Jammers! Thanks for your commitment to the jam, for your enthusiasm, and your willingness to let me lead you in this new venture. I'm looking forward to our second year of jamming and I'm curious to see where this path will take us. Onward and upward!

5 thoughts on “Tiny Tuesday Jam

  1. Betty Fisher

    I felt super lucky to have all that one on one time with you Murphy. I was a little concerned when you said :one and one half students”…..thought maybe you were referring to my half-a**ed banjo playing…..just kidding. REALLY. I AM just kidding! You are always super encouraging about my progress. I had a blast. Thanks again.

  2. Martin Bacon

    Well I am going to play and sing along to that DVD when it is ready:) And what a deal, a semi private lesson with Murphy for the price of a tip jar jam.

  3. Janet Moore

    I sure am missing getting to play my guitar. I missed coming to the jam on Tues. nite. Thinkin I might just show up on jam night from now on just so I don’t miss out on anything. lol Looks like I will be out probably till the first of the year, since I am getting another finger fixed sooner than expected because my Dr. is retiring. Oh well, things will be better soon. I love coming to the jam. It has helped me out so much over the last year. All the new people that I have met is just wonderful. See ya soon.

  4. Betty Fisher

    Oh Janet please do come! I missed you! You can sing and laugh at our lame jokes. Hope you are healing well.

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