Custom Lesson Update

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

Here's the list of new custom lessons I've been churning out for the last month. As always, these can be ordered over on my website.

  • Golden Slippers (in G) (I) Watch clip. - I've played this tune forever and I really do like it. I'm kind of surprised it took someone this long to request a lesson on it.
  • Grandma's Feather Bed (in C) (I) Watch clip. - This is an arrangement designed to play while you sing it.
  • Peace In The Valley (in C) (I) Watch clip. - This one was tricky. It's slow, plus it's in waltz time. I opted just to play the melody with very few fill-in notes.
  • Randall Collins (I) Watch clip. - This is a Norman Blake song and boy, oh boy, were the chords tricky! Break is not so bad, though.
  • Sally Ann (Low Break) (NOT Earl's arrangement!) (I) Watch clip. - This arrangement goes along with the sung version of this tune (NOT Earl's instrumental arrangement of it!!).
  • Sittin' On Top Of The World (with minor chord) (I) Watch clip. - This old bluegrass standard is sometimes played with an E-minor chord, sometimes not. This version has the minor.
  • White Freightliner Kickoff Break (I) Watch clip. 2nd Break Watch clip. - I really, really enjoyed learning these two breaks and teaching them. Classic Crowe all the way.


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