Kaufman Kamp: More Day One

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

Well, after I busted my tail to write that awesome blog this morning, I could NOT get my laptop to connect to the hotel Wi Fi even after the guy at the lobby counter said he had made it work. NOT! So, when I went into my first class I asked for help ("Any computer geeks in here?") and Colby (the handsome young guy in the red shirt) hooked me up with the Maryville college internet or wifi or whatever and so I sent the blog to Casey before class started. WHEW!

Now my teaching day is over and I am back at the hotel, where I myownself hooked my computer up the the hotel wifi. YEEHAW!

The banjo bag I carry to class.

The banjo bag I carry to class.

The teaching today went great. I showed the beginners how to do the basic Roly Polys to Blue Ridge Cabin Home and then added one upgrade to the G lick--a slide and pinches at the end. They were an exceptionally good beginning group, 14 strong (and I don't say that just because they will be reading this!), and they caught on fast. We also did some basic vamping to the song (using open G and barre C and D) and that also went well. I will see them again on Wednesday and we'll add some upgrades and also try the Roly Polys with a new song.

I also had the much smaller advanced group after lunch, and basically we just sat around and played a bunch of tunes. I hoped the playing itself would prove instructive and I think it did. We played the standards--Foggy Mt BD, Fireball Mail, Lonesome Road Blues, Old Joe Clark, John Hardy--and then Alex suggested a Don Reno tune, Tennessee Breakdown. Well, he stumped the teacher with that one but I asked him to play it anyhow so we could hear it. It turned out to be a fairly simple tune (for advanced players) with a wonderful rhythmic "hook" right at the beginning and a four-beat stop in the middle so I asked him to show it to all of us! He did and I for one really enjoyed playing it. I only hope I remember the tune tomorrow!

We then did some playing in the key of C, without using the capo. I wasn't trying to show them anything specific, I just wanted them to be aware of the option of not capoing to play in C. We did Lonesome Road Blues (again), then Circle, and then, since Alex had mentioned it, we dropped our fourth strings down a notch and played Soldier's Joy. And since we were there, we also did Home Sweet Home, which was Rod's suggestion. I hadn't played it in a while and was pleasantly surprised to find that most of it was still in my fingers, although not Earl's really fancy stuff! I closed out by playing Farewell Blues since it, too, is a C tune with a dropped fourth. Might as well get them all!

Following that was the Master Class I mentioned in the earlier blog and it went well but I'm all writ out right now! I'm ready to sashay across the parking lot to the Texas Roadhouse for some supper.

So, I'll try to keep up this blogging but my guess is that as the week progresses, I will rest more and blog less! We'll see. Thanks, as always, for reading these postings. That's what keeps me writing them!

5 thoughts on “Kaufman Kamp: More Day One

  1. Murphy Henry

    Anything for the man who named the Roly Polys….metaphorically speaking, of course!!

  2. Diana MacKenzie

    Hey Murphy…this is that Oregon gal who came to be in your class in 2012. Couldn’t come this year…I get Medicare this year, so my SS check took a cut…air fare and registration too much. I’m going to The American Banjo Camp in September at Ft. Flagler, WA…looking forward to meeting Tom Adams. Oh, I’m loving your blog from Kamp and the Ned Luberecki DVD I bought last month. Thank you for always being you! Great Big Hugs, Diana

  3. Colby

    Hi Murphy! Happy to help with the computer and thank you for the fantastic classes so far- I’ll get to have 3 with you total! Also really looking forward to reading your book.

  4. Betty Fisher

    I am still reading as well. Interested to learn about playing in different keys without capo’ing. Also can’t wait to talk to Casey about banjos Sunday……..Keep having fun and I’ll keep reading.

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