Murphy Presenting Award at IBMA Awards Show!

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

Yee haw! I will be presenting two awards at the IBMA Awards Show this Thursday, October 2. My good friend (really!) Bill Evans will be my co-presenter and we will be handing out the awards for Female Vocalist of the Year and Guitar Player of the Year. Thanks to my other good friend Chris Stuart, one of the show's producers, for asking me to take part in this year's show. (Note: Both Chris and Bill, along with Janet Beazley, are the teachers on our Harmony Singing DVD!)

The Awards Show will be broadcast live on Sirius XM Satellite Radio (Bluegrass Junction) and streamed live at The show starts at 7:30 but that may just be when they want us in our seats! Not sure what time the broadcast itself starts. The online bluegrass magazine Bluegrass Today is a good place to find out more about what's happening, along with the IBMA website. 

I'll be heading out to Raleigh bright and early Monday morning with my sidekick Kathy G. So, while I would love to think I will blog from there (I'm taking my laptop!), don't hold your breath!

And remember: NO JAMS this week. 

If you're in Raleigh this week for the World of Bluegrass, be sure to come by the Murphy Method booth! See you there!

PS: Getting ready for this event is the reason I've not been blogging recently. We actually had two GREAT JAMS this past week and I even had two titles written down. One was courtesy of Bob Van. It would have read like this:

Murphy: Stays in C longer, Bobby.

Bob: Not to my ear!

The other was courtesy of Betty. It would have read "I Freaking Did It!" She was talking about taking a Roly Poly break on There's a Bluebird Singing In the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was great!

The artful Dalton

The artful Dalton

I'll be back in the blogging saddle soon, I hope but to tide you over, here's a cute comment from grandson Dalton, who is three. Red and I were keeping him today, Sunday, so Casey could teach banjo. His current favorite thing to do it draw with his many markers. We keep 30 or 40 at our house, but Casey has more. Anyhow, today Ben was bringing his grandson Cam over for a play date. I had told Dalton this. He was, however, deeply engrossed in drawing with his markers on this big piece of Styrofoam that had come with my new flat-screen TV (for my Gran Cave!). I told him that when Ben and Cam got here, we'd have to stop doing markers and go outside to play with them. Dalton most emphatically did NOT want to stop. I think he said something like, "NO! We not stop doing markers." So I just calmly said, "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." To which he replied, "We'll cross that marker bridge...." I cracked up!

Okay just one more thing. (I'm in Gran mode....) While we've always sung a lot to Dalton, we don't get to play our instruments too much around him. But today, since I had given him four new, different-colored flatpicks, he said we could go into the studio and play the guitars! As I did with Casey and Chris, at the mention of anything musical, I always drop what I'm doing to participate! Today, that meant leaving my oatmeal uneaten. But I took my coffee and banana!

So off to the studio we went, flatpicks in hand. Dalton's hand. He pointed out the first guitar for me to play and said I should use the purple pick first. I got the guitar out and sang a bit of This Little Light Of Mine. His eyes did not light up. Or as Gamble Rogers used to say, "His indifference was monumental." Although I will have to say that he really likes to watch me pick out the melody on the strings. He watches that pretty intently.

We then moved on to guitar #2 and the shiny green pick. Using this guitar, I started in on The Titanic. (I think he likes the line "Uncles and aunts, little children wet their pants...). Then in the middle of the second verse, we are done as he points to another guitar. Adios, Titanic! For the third guitar, I got to use the blue pick. I sang Froggy Went A-Courting. The mandolin was next with the multi-colored pick. Since I myself tire of singing the same old songs, I tried to think of something I don't sing a lot. Aha! There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea. He seemed to like this one, for some reason, so I got all the way through, "There's a speck on the flea on the fly on the knot on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea!"

The fiddle was next and for this we had to borrow Red's bow since the fiddle in the studio has no bow in the case. I got the bow, tuned the fiddle, and gave him a little Boil Them Cabbage Down. Amazingly, he tolerated my fiddling and I was able to sing several verses with fiddle breaks in between. Lastly, he pointed to the banjo. I didn't have any fingerpicks in that case so I took one of the discarded flatpicks and strummed and sang Oh, Suzannah. (I remembered as I sang that Kathy Kallick and Laurie Lewis just recorded the Vern and Ray version of this for their new CD. We performed it at Augusta Heritage.) I then picked out the melody with the flatpick. But I don't want Dalton to think that's what a banjo is supposed to sound like, so I said to him, "We usually pick the banjo like this," and played the song three-finger style, using my bare fingers. Then, his interest shifted and we were off to another activity (it was markers!) which started with me finishing my oatmeal...standing up! Grandparenting! I love it!

See you in Raleigh!

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  1. Diane Bishop

    Break a leg Murphy! I will try to remember this is no jam or classes this week, but if I send a panic text that I’m running late, forgive me. Love the grand baby stories. Will have a few of my own at the end of the month. =)

  2. Margie Ratzlaff

    So cool Murphy! We are going to Raleigh but had not planned to attend the awards…now I want to go! Well if we can’t get tickets we’ll come see you at your booth. Have a great time!!
    Margie R.

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