Naming Our New Mandolin DVD


Chris and Murphy Henry

Chris and Murphy filming our new mandolin DVD.

Howdy, Folks!

Long time, no blog! Been busy.

Been shooting a new mandolin DVD. We finished up the actual recording this past weekend! YEA! Done! In the can. Now, Red's real work beings: editing it and pulling all the pieces together to make it look like we did everything in one take with no mistakes! Then it will be my job to upset that apple cart and find the best bloopers!

About the DVD:

Our excellent son Christopher drove over from Nashville to do the teaching. If you do Facebook, you may know about Chris Henry & the Hardcore Grass. (If you don't, now's the time!) Chris is a world-class mandolin player, singer, and songwriter (if I do say so myself!). He is also well-versed in the Murphy Method way of teaching, having grown up surrounded by the sounds of "Now, the first thing you have to do is tune the banjo." He already has one Murphy Method DVD under his belt, the amazing Monroe Style Mandolin and he has helped out on many others.

On this beginning-level DVD, Christopher teaches tried and true arrangements that I worked out on my mandolin students. (Thank you, Kristina!) Leading my Tip Jar Jam has really helped me understand what beginning mandolin students need to know in order to jam. We've tried to provide that on this DVD. (It will also be available as a download.) It is designed to follow right after our Beginning Mandolin DVD. So we need a catchy title!

Chris teaches mandolin breaks to eight songs:

Blue Ridge Cabin Home
I'll Fly Away
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Lonesome Road Blues
Do Lord
Bury Me Beneath the Willow
Foggy Mountain Top
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms

(Not sure all will end up on the DVD. Some may end up on the internet. We will see!)

We don't want to simply call this Beginning Mandolin Volume 2. Boring! What we want to call it is "Chris Henry Teaches....." Something!

So we're fishing around for ideas. Hope you can help us out! Naturally, the one (or ones) that help us arrive at a title will get a free mandolin DVD! Respond to this blog, or send an email to the Murphy Method ( And thank you all for playing!

PS: And for those of you on the Left Coast/Best Coast/West Coast:

Chris Henry & the Hardcore Grass will be playing at the California Bluegrass Association Father's Day Festival June 18-21 and teaching Intermediate Mandolin at their camp June 14-17.

Chris Henry--video wrapped!

Chris Henry--video wrapped!

50 thoughts on “Naming Our New Mandolin DVD

  1. Roy Dakin

    Hi Murphy,

    Here’s my idea for a title:

    Chris Henry Teaches Mandolin two Inspire You


  2. Murphy Henry

    Hey Roy and Drew,

    Thanks for the suggestions! Both will go into the pot! (That doesn’t sound right….!) Both will go into the HAT! Better??!!! We will add them to the list! There! That’s what I meant!


  3. Murphy Henry

    Cap Spence! Quit trying to get my goat! {smiley face} I was thinking of you yesterday when I sang “Better Get In That Number That No One Can Number” at our jam. My memory is that, at Elkins Bluegrass Week some years ago, you were not happy that I had changed the words without mentioning it. ( Jim and Jesse sang it as “Better Get in That Number That No Man Can Number.”) I wasn’t having no part of that! So, now, for me, that song and you are interlocked! How do you remember it?????

  4. kent nelson

    All I can come up with is” NOT” Beginning Mandolin with Chris Henry, or simply the self descriptive title Mandolin Jam with Chris Henry. I don’t envy you the task of selecting a name for this dvd.

  5. Mike Clarke

    Murphy, Chris, ‘hi from Australia’
    Looking fwd to the release of this new mandolin dvd.
    Here’s hoping the title ends up with a reference to ‘Jam Breaks’, or ‘Jamming’.
    Thoughts are …. teaches ‘Bluegrass Mandolin Jam Breaks like the Pro’s; or, ‘Break our your Mandolin for Bluegrass Jamming’; or, ‘Break like a Pro at your next Jam’; or, ‘take the next break like a Pro’.
    Now I’m starting to repeat myself, 🙂 hopefully you get enough ideas to put together that ‘catchy’ title.
    all the best, Mike

  6. Ron Moore

    Chris Henry Teaches Fine Tune-in Your Mandolin or …Dialing It Up a Notch or …Bring On the Jam or …Playin’ It By Ear Without Bandages

  7. Murphy Henry

    Hey Everybody! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions. I’m busy compiling a list so you can “vote” on which one or ones you like best. This is really helpful to us.

    And if you’ve not sent in your suggestion, bring it on! We will add it to the list!

    Shave and a haircut….

    Ms. Method (smiley face)

  8. Noel Healy

    Greetings from West Clare Ireland, my suggestion is

    “Easy Mandolin Part II”

    “Short simple and Snappy Part II”

    Now you folks Have a real good day you hear

    From Noel

  9. Dave Martin

    Chris Henry Opens the Door to Mandolin

    With a picture of a Blue Ridge Cabin Home wish open door.

  10. Joel

    I think starting with “Chris Henry Teaches…” makes it hard. How about “Mandolin Jam Time”?

  11. Bill Givens

    My suggested title for the new mandolin video is “Get in the Jam! With Chris Henry and the Murphy Method”.

    Thanks for asking,


  12. Harro Skapinskas

    Here is my title suggestion (from a banjo player) (pronounce the do as dough):

    Man do, I love it, So here’s more!

  13. Jim Goldring

    How about “Chris Henry Mandolin 2– Just the Breaks” or “That’s the Breaks, with Chris Henry” or “Mando Breaks with Chris Henry” or “Give Me a Break, Chris Henry’s Mandolin 2” or….

    Jim Goldring

    P.S. Thanks so much for “Beginning Banjo, Vols. 1 2.” This 77 year old is going to learn the banjo before I die!

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