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I thought I’d add a word or two here to Casey’s always-excellent newsletter, just to let you know how we’re faring at Murphy Method headquarters (aka Our House) during this stay-at-home time.

I’m missing my Tip Jar Jam! I miss hearing David sing In The Pines with the “woo woos” at the end, just like Bill Monroe done it. ? I miss singing Where The Soul Of A Woman Never Dies with Kathy. I even miss hearing Banjo In The Hollow!

Both Casey and I were bummed to have to cancel our Intermediate Camp this month. We had so much fun stuff planned: Geoff Stelling, The Fly Birds, Karaoke, Gregg and Chuck’s band (back by popular demand!), food from Bonnie Blue, a singing workshop with David McLaughlin, jamming, Murphy and Casey’s Sunday Morning Gospel Show. We still have our fingers crossed for our July Women’s Camp, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Like many of you, I am mourning the loss of John Prine. The Tip Jar Jammers are already planning a John Prine Night when we get back together. We were already occasionally doing Speed of the Sound of Loneliness, Souvenirs, Spanish Pipedream (aka Blow Up Your TV), and Paradise. Now some of the Jammers, having time on their hands, are learning other Prine songs so we can celebrate his life.

On the non-musical front, Red and I killed quite a few hours re-watching all the Harry Potter movies and now I’m rereading all the books. Just finished Goblet of Fire this morning. Now my TV time is taken up with the new season of Dr. Who, which I am somewhat ambivalent about.

I’m also trying to keep focused on the biography of Maybelle Carter I started writing in January. But, I’ll admit, it’s hard to find the energy. So, I try to be kind to myself and just do what I can do.

Also, like many of you, I’m getting really good at using the Zoom app! I’ve found the “mute button” and the “gallery view”! I use Zoom to take online yoga, which I love. Now if the poses are too hard (Firefly? Plow? Shoulder Stand?), I can revert to Child’s Pose and nobody can see me! I’m also trying to walk almost every day, which is easier now that it’s warmer. I’ve discovered listening to Podcasts on my phone with earbuds makes me more likely to get out the door, so I feel very “with it,” being able to do all these complicated techy things. Yesterday, I listened to an interview with Iris Dement and I remembered how much I love her music. Might have to download her latest album, IDK.

Since Red and I are some of the “olds” (a term my niece came up with and I have embraced), we are being extry careful about going out and when we have to go out, we wear our masks and carry hand sanitizer. And when we come back in, we wash our hands like crazy. Thankfully, we are able to limit our trips to town because my former banjo and guitar student turned singer/songwriter Kasey Smelser is doing our grocery shopping. She leaves them on the front porch and then we visit from six feet away! Thank you, Kasey!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go online and order a T-shirt that says, “May Birthday 2020. The one when we were quarantined.”

And then it’s time to Maybelle. I hope. Well, maybe after lunch. Or after my nap…

Stay safe, y’all.

7 thoughts on “Musings from Murphy

  1. Joseph C. Michelotti

    Thanks for a little sanity in a crazy world. It sounds like the camp would have been a lot of fun

  2. Dennis DeVendra

    Hello Murphy,

    It looks like many of us are going through the same jamming withdrawals that you are experiencing. A couple things our jam group has done is use Zoom to do a virtual jam. Only one-person can play and all others are muted, but we get to play and see each other. The second thing we are doing is creating a virtual music track. The first person records a backing track and sends it out to the jam group. All the other people record their part: vocal lead, breaks, harmony, rhythm, and one person with an audio editor pulls all the tracks together. We have done this with four songs now. Sounds fairly good. Just a few suggestions to get through these times.

    Take care and hoping all your family and friends are doing well.

  3. Peggy Baker

    A biography of Mother Maybelle?? Be still my heart! How can we support you in this? I have spent hours locked down watching every YouTube video with her that I could find.

  4. Martin Bacon

    So good to hear how you all are faring. Now go write Maybelle so I have something to read:)

  5. Gene Walker

    At Christmas I ordered Christmas Tunes for Fiddle and Casey’s Custom Christmas Collection. I then called back and talked to Red about getting them autographed. I just want to thank you for taking the time to do that for me. I have always enjoyed your music and your instructional DVDs. Thank you for your kindness and what you do for the music. Keep up the good work.
    Gene Walker

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