You may remember in the past I’ve written about the group of women I jam with sometimes. We call ourselves At Least We’re Hot because although we may be somewhat short on skill and polish on our respective instruments, we’re not short in the looks department (if we do say so ourselves…and we do!). And […]

Last night the girls in At Least We’re Hot gathered here at my house to do a little picking. Officially there are six of us (myself-fiddle, Connie-banjo, Julie-banjo, Kelley-guitar, Myrna-mandolin, Janice-bass) but each time we get together we never know for sure who will be able to make it. Last night’s combination of people—Kelley, Janice, […]

At one of my baby showers the party activity was onesie decorating. I was extremely impressed by everyone’s artistic talent, which was much greater than my own! But a few weeks after the party I got a belated addition to this outstanding onesie collection from my friend and fellow banjo teacher Ned Luberecki. I had […]

Well, after a short 37 hours at home I’m again packing up the car, but this time it’s not for work. It’s to Georgia for our family Thanksgiving. In addition to the turkey and ham and organic vegis and dairy products, I’m also bringing my banjo and fiddle so that we can do a little […]

Last night our jam group At Least We’re Hot got together and picked. Our jams have been somewhat more irregular than we’d like lately due to the occurance of big life events (marriage, birth, divorce, graduation) but now that those are past, for the most part, we hope to resume our weekly schedule. We gathered […]

I just got back from the weekly At Least We’re Hot jam session. I thought that I played pretty well tonight (I play fiddle with this particular group). At first I thought it was because it had only been five days since our last jam, rather than a whole week, so I was a bit […]

I’ve just returned from our kinda-weekly jam session made up of women mostly living in the East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison area. I’ve written about them before (here) . We call ourselves At Least We’re Hot. They were tickled at the article I wrote about them in the January issue of Banjo Newsletter (alas, the article is not […]

One of the gals in my At Least We’re Hot picking group (which I’ve previously written about here) just got a new banjo and we’re all very excited. Connie’s husband Jeremy surprised her with it as a Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present. Made by Chuck Lee, down in Texas, it is a beautiful instrument that plays wonderfully. Here […]

I have three completely unrelated things to tell you about today. The first is absolutely non-bluegrass and non-banjo related. You must watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. It is the creation of Joss Whedon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) and his brothers. It is brilliant. You can get it on for $3.99, and I […]

I write to you tonight from beautiful Abingdon, VA, where I am staying with Buddy Woodward and Brandi Hart in preparation for leaving in the morning to do a four-gig stint with their band the Dixie Bee-Liners. Buddy, as it happens, is a wonderful cook, in addition to being a great musician, and he fixed […]