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Red Henry

Red Henry

Folks, this is Allen Shelton playing his tune "Bending the Strings". I'm sending it out so that you can all see it.


This is a great performance by a late, great picker. And I was reminded (having forgotten it since) that about 25 years ago I had the honor of backing Allen up on guitar when he played this tune at a workshop.

I'm also posting this because Allen Shelton was not only a great picker, but he KNEW HOW TO PLAY IN A GROUP. Examples:

1.When the fiddle is taking its break, is Allen playing away in the mike? NO. You can really hear the fiddle.

2. When the mandolin is taking its break, is Allen in the mike, drowning it out? NO. You can really hear the mandolin.

To be a good musician, you have to know more than just how to play your instrument. You have to know how to help the whole band sound good. Allen was not only a great musician, but also a great BAND PLAYER.


P.S. -- Mandolin content: In the clip, also listen to mandolin genius Jesse McReynolds. During his break he comes out with something
dangerously close to a Frank Wakefield lick, too. This is all Mighty Fine entertainment.