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Here are some shots from the game and etc...

Casey playing Raymond James Stadium

First, Here is the whole picture of me playing my "solo show" at Raymond James Stadium. Somebody pointed out that I could say I opened for Bruce Springsteen. (I don't have to mention the fact that there was a seven-day lapse between our performances.) Photo by George McPherson.

The Pirate Ship in Raymond James Stadium

This is the stadium about a week before the game. Notice the big Buccaneer Pirate ship has all it's Buccaneer sails replaced with NBC sails.

Outside Raymond James Stadium

This was my view of the side of the stadium as we were waiting outside during the first half of the game.

Bruce Springsteen on piano

It was hard to get good pictures of the show. I was way at the back of the crowd---which was exactly where I wanted to be---but it does not make for good photography. Here's Bruce on top of the piano near the beginning of the show.

Casey during halftime show

Self-portrait: Casey with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. 😉

Raymond James Stadium

This is what the audience looked like. All the ticketholders get little flashlights in their seat-cushion goodie packs.

Bruce and Stephen

These are a couple of the best shots---love the jumbotron! Here's Bruce and Steven Van Zandt.

Little Stephen on Jumbotron

And here's Little Steven saying "It's Boss time!"

Cap Spence

Cap always ends up signing at least a couple t-shirts for the volunteers. They are so inspired by him and his leadership. This year he got some really, really good homemade candy (white-chocolate covered Golden Grahams, pecans, cashews, and almonds) a t-shirt, a hoodie swestshirt, and a very nice poem. And probably some other stuff I just don't know about.

Casey HenryYesterday---dress rehearsal day---we were hoping to get away with a few showers, but instead it pretty much poured from 2:00 on, all during the time we were checking in our volunteers, moving the stage onto the field, and running the show. It was a constant battle to keep the water off the stage, fought with squeegies, leaf blowers, and towels. But the band did their whole show in the rain, instruments and everything, three times through. I don't see how in the world they can do that, having the instruments get wet, but they do.

It was a full dress rehearsal, so the band wore their show clothes, and we had the field cast (the kids that run screaming onto the field and gather around the stage being the audience). These fans, including some of the people on our stage crew, are so crazed that they had to put security people down there in with the kids (OK, really they're not kids, but mostly adults) because they are afraid there will be a huge crush at the stage and someone will get hurt. Since it was raining, the field stayed tarped the whole time, to protect the grass. As there always is during these kinds of events, there was a lot of standing around for us and the volunteers while the TV people do whatever it is that TV people do.

They were very strict about cameras. They allowed NO pictures to be taken, and the few people they did catch taking pictures, they dealt with. I know they deleted the pictures; I don't know if they threw the people out or not. So, I won't be posting any dress rehearsal pictures. But I do expect to be able to get some on game day.

It is still raining today, which does not bode well for the pre- and post-game dress rehearsals scheduled for this afternoon.

Casey HenryYesterday was definitely the most exciting day so far here in Super Bowl land. For the first time the band came and rehearsed inside the halftime tent with full sound, lights, and cameras. As you may know there is a lot of secrecy surrounding the halftime show. They don't want anyone to know in advance what the stage will look like, or what songs are going to be played, so that it will all be a big surprise on game day. But I'm pretty sure, what with the rehearsal being so loud as to be audible to everyone within a quarter-mile radius, that the songs aren't secret anymore.

They rehearsed for a good four hours. I watched for a couple of them. They kept turning the air conditioning off in the tent, since it was so loud, then turning it back on again in between run-throughs so we wouldn't all bake. But it was pretty steamy in there.

We saw the security guards really crack down on one guy who had his phone out taking pictures. They honed right in the instant they saw him and took his phone away. I think they gave it back, but I'm sure they deleted the pictures.

I'd never seen Bruce Springsteen before, nor any of his band, so it was neat to get to see them. He rehearsed all-out, and it will be a very good show. Someone reminded me that one of the guitar players was on the Sopranos, which I had forgotten. I'll have to pay more attention today and see if I recognize him.

We had a volunteer rehearsal last night and it was the first one for which the stage carts were loaded down with all the band gear, so they were considerably heavier than previously, especially the one with the grand piano. I think we put eight extra people on that one to help push. Some of the volunteers somehow knew that the band would be rehearsing that day, so they came four or five hours early and sat outside the security perimeter, listening to whatever music wafted to them through the air. Hard core fans, these.

Today is basically just like yesterday, and then dress rehearsal is tomorrow. Stay tuned!