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by Dalton Henry age 3 3/4

by Dalton Henry
age 3 3/4

This weekend, my grandmother Murphy (alias Gran) and my mama Casey put on a big banjo camp. There were 14 banjo students there, which is a lot. (But I can count to more than that. I can count all the way to twenty-eight, twenty-nine, twenty-ten and twenty-eleven.)

Naturally, the best part of banjo camp is that I get to play with Granddaddy for three whole days. I get to do a lot of stuff. For example, I like to play with Tinkertoys. I really get into the intense Tinkertoys experience:


I make lots of interesting shapes:


Then whenever I want to, we can go outside and I can play with the hose. I do good work with the hose. I wash the swing set:


I wash the Dinosaur Rock:


I wash the tree:


...and I wash the bushes. I am very careful about washing the leaves:


Then we go back inside and I get dried off and we do some more stuff. I like to build robots with my blocks. This is a robot car which I made all by myself!


In case you couldn't see it well enough in that picture, here it is again:


And then, sometimes Granddaddy reads me a story. But is is more fun when I read HIM a story. I especially like the sound effects. Here I am reading the story of Oink, when it comes to the part where the greedy pig bites the fake apple (which is really a balloon):

Well, as you can see, we had a good time. And I forgot to tell you about the pillow-fights, or the time we spilled the peas, or other good stuff. Those will just have to wait till next time.



This year's Murphy Method Beginning Banjo Camp is in full swing, and my grandmother Murphy, my mama Casey, and the 15 campers are all having a fine time. So I get to spend three days playing with my granddaddy Red!

So yesterday, we went outside and played in the yard. We swung on the hammock. We went strolling. We played with acorns too. Then we went inside and played in the living room with blocks, toys, and cars. Then we went in the studio and played with more blocks, toys, and cars. Then we went in the kitchen and played with pots and pans, plastic bowls and lids, and more cars. We did all that about four times. Then we went and read books, because Granddaddy said he was tired. I don't see why he was tired. I was not tired! And we get to do it all over again today and tomorrow. Murphy Method Banjo Camp is definitely a fun weekend!

by Dalton Henry

Every year, my family holds a big 3-day picking party in Georgia to celebrate the wedding anniversary of my Aunt Argen and Uncle Mike. This year I was invited, and I accepted as long as I could bring my mama Casey and my granddaddy Red with me. Everybody said this was fine, so we left last Thursday for Georgia.

I do not sleep much in a car, so I considered it very important to keep my mama occupied so she would not get bored. I made her pay attention to me every second of the trip, so that she would have plenty of things to do. At about 8:30 p.m., I decided that we had gone far enough and it was time to stop for the night.

We spent the night at Johnson City and drove on into Hiawassee on Friday afternoon. I had a good time meeting people and visiting with everybody and being admired. People started coming by right away to meet me. Here is a family photo taken by Sarah, my Uncle Chris's girlfriend:

Uncle Chris, Great-Grandmother Renee, Granddaddy Red, Me, and my mama Casey.

I was showing off for everybody with my newest trick of putting blocks into a bowl when my Uncle Chris, who thinks outside the blocks, I mean box, turned the bowl over and used it for a drum. I thought this was quite amusing:

On Saturday the grownups played music all day, except for my mama, who paid attention to me except when Granddaddy gave her some breaks. I heard a lot of the music, and got to meet even more new people. I was very good and only threw up once!

Then on Sunday morning, my mama Casey took me to see a great big bathtub. She called it a "river," but I know it was actually a bathtub, because there was water in it. She let me dabble a little in it, which was fun:

On Sunday we left to go home, and I made sure that my Mama had plenty to to the whole way back. I decided that we would spend the night at Abingdon, Virginia, and we got home on Monday. This was a good trip. I would tell more about it, but excuse me now, 'cause it's time for my bottle.

Best regards,

Dalton Henry