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Murphy HenryEllen, guitar student, photographer, and one of my current Misfits, had been kind enough to let me post an “almost song” she has written. She’s still working on the melody, so right now it’s still in the form of a poem. Her husband, Mark, is also a banjo student and Misfit, which is why the poem/song is about playing banjo and not guitar. (Besides, you wouldn’t get that great alliteration—all those “b” sounds—if it was about the guitar!)

Thanks, Ellen!

Beginning Banjo Blues

And there you have it.
Well, so you say,
But my fingers and my brain
Are going separate ways.

I had it last night
But today it’s gone,
Can’t get it back.
Better move along.

Time for a cold one,
Or maybe two.
Threw back a few beers,
And now I’m stewed.

Feelin’ better now
Riff is workin’ fine
Needed my Corona
To get me back in line.

And now I have it,
I’m pickin’ well,
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Is goin’ swell.