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Here is another comment we received through our website:

I would just like to thank you so much for the way Marshall and Murphy did the bass dvd. I have purchased 3 and after the first one I started Jamming at the local American Legion and now I am in a bluegrass/country band and having the time of my life. Who would have thought at 60 I would lean something new and start a new era in my life. I am going to order the Ukulele VHS because I work with cancer children and I want to take music to them and the Bass is too hard to play by itself. So, we'll see if I can handle that. Thank you sooo much.

We love hearing from our students. If you have your own story of success, feel free to send it our way!

We love this stuff. A couple days ago a student sent this comment on our DVDs:

LOVED Beg Banjo Vol.1 - The Murphy Method has been the only thing that's moving me forward! The success of Vol 1 (for me) convinced me to continue on with the next videos in the progression.

It's always good to hear that we're helping people learn to play!

From the fan mail department, here are a couple of threads on the Banjo Hangout where our students have been discussing their progress with our DVDs:




This is from a student who saw Red at the Florida Folk Festival:

I bought your beginning mandolin DVD from Red at his workshop last November but was so frustrated at that time that I didn't really work with it. I pulled it out when I got home from the festival on Monday and learned more than in over a year of mandolin lessons from a local instructor. ... I would have bought your intermediate mandolin DVD from Red last weekend but I thought I had it, so now I plan to buy it online on your website. Thanks for a super instructional method. ~ JKB

Someone sent this testimonial to us through our website:

To those of you who work so hard to produce these videos, THANK YOU. I had reached a brick wall using tab, when somone suggested I give you a try. What a joy! It is exactly what I needed, and I just ordered the next 2. You have made sure learning the banjo remains more fun than frustration. ~AB

We also received this through our website:

Just want to thank you for your slow jam banjo DVD. I just received it a few days ago, and it is the best DVD I have bought. It lets you play along and keeps you in time. I have bought every banjo DVD you sell, but this one is my favorite. Can't wait for Improvising to come out on DVD and hope you make a slow jam vol. 2 someday...thanks again. ~JM

Here's a review of our Slow Jam DVD from Bluegrass Unlimited magazine.

And check this out, here you can actually rent Murphy Method DVDs online. To be clear, I had never heard of these people before a couple days ago, so we know nothing about them and can't necessarily vouch for them, but it's kinda cool that you CAN rent our DVDs.