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Yesterday's e-mailing from the American Made Banjo Company (who makes Casey's signature model Kel Kroydon banjo) featured Casey's IBMA appearance schedule, including tomorrow's (Sunday, Sept 27th) show at Norm's River Roadhouse.

Read it here.

Our friends over at the Bluegrass Blog shot lots of "red carpet" footage at the IBMA pre-awards reception this year. Yesterday's episode (episode 2) features Del McCoury, Larry and Dreama Stephenson, and our own Casey Henry, who appears toward the end of the clip, interviewed by Katy Daley of Bluegrasscountry.org.

Casey red carpet

At Thursday night's awards show one of our favorite banjo players took home the award for Banjo Player of the year: Kristin Scott Benson. Kristin plays with the Larry Stephenson Band and is the second woman to take home the title, the first being Alison Brown in 1991. The other nominees in the category---Earl Scruggs, J. D. Crowe, Jimmy Mills, Ron Stewart--- were unbelievably stiff competition.

Kristin Scott Benson

Kristin was modest enough to think that it was a fluke that she was nominated at all, so when she won, she was very surprised. She gave a great speech, giving lots of credit and thanks to her parents, who were in attendance that night because her husband, Wayne Benson, was taking care of their son Hogan.

Dale Ann Bradley took home Female Vocalist of the Year for the second time in a row.

Dale Ann Bradley

Kristin and Dale Ann were the only women to take home awards this year, although Gillian Welch and David Rawlings's song "By The Mark" won Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year.

The before and after parties were great fun. This is FiddleStar/Murphy Method Camp co-host Megan Lynch and myself:

megan lynch, casey henry

And here is Lynn Morris and Bass Player of the Year nominee Marshall Wilborn, who presented the awards for Vocal Group and Album of the Year:

lynn, marshall, casey

The dress I'm wearing was made by my grandmother for my mom's Junior-Senior prom. It was a pretty big hit, I have to say. Last but not least, here is me with my brother and fellow TMM instructor Chris Henry:

casey and chris

Here is a video someone put on YouTube. It has some scenes of performances and jamming from last week's IBMA convention. About 2:35 you'll see Chris Henry in a mandolin jam, picking "The Gold Rush."


Casey HenryAs the week goes on here at IBMA, things get busier and busier, and I have less and less time to post blogs! But Here are some pictures from Day three...

Neil Rosenberg

Neil Rosenberg, author of the first comprehensive history of bluegrass music, Bluegrass Music: A History, playing the Casey Henry signature model.

Red Henry, Casey Henry, Neil Rosenberg
Red Henry, Casey Henry, Neil Rosenberg

The October issue of Banjo Newsletter arrived in my mailbox on Wednesday, so I brought it to the tradeshow so people could look through it. Cover boy Chris Pandolfi of the Infamous Stringdusters stopped by the table, wearing the same hat as he's wearing on the cover so I got him to pose:

Chris Pandolfi

In the showcases at night I caught two of my favorite bass players. First Missy Raines with her band The New Hip.

Missy Raines

And then Marshall Wilborn with the 2008 Fiddle Player of the Year, and Instrumental Group of the Year, Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper:

Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper

Casey HenryAfter an extremely slow afternoon tending our booth at the IBMA tradeshow, I popped down the street to the Hilton hotel to interview the band G2, on whom I'm writing a magazine article. I'm old fashioned and still use a cassette recorder to tape interviews. To my embarassment I had brought the recorder, a mic, and extra batteries...but no tapes! Luckily Erik, the mandolin player, had an iPod with a little recorder to capture our conversation. Wshew!

After that I headed down to lower Broad to Roberts Western Wear to catch the Bloggrass boys show. The single, if you can call it that, from the new CD is a hilarious song called "Democrat Ain't a Dirty Word No More." They had some great guests, including the amazing singer Jonell Mosser. And I had the unique experience of purchasing their CD from Suzy Bogguss, who sings on it.

The Bloggrass Boys

L-R: Josh McMurry, (hidden Mike Witcher), Travis Stinson, Paul Kramer, Chris Jones, Jon Weisberger, Aaron Till.

My next stops were at after-hours showcases where I caught a wide variety of bands including:

Red Wine

Red Wine, from Italy.


Goldheart, a wonderful trio of sisters from Virginia. I first heard them two years ago and since then they have developed their musicianship by leaps and bounds. The 16-year-old sister, Jocelyn, writes some wonderful songs and picks the fire out of the guitar. 18-year-old Analise holds her own on the mandolin, while 13-year-old Shelby tears it up on the fiddle. Their trio is stunning.

Chris Henry with Tyler Grant

I caught my brother Chris playing with former Two-Stringer and Winfield Guitar Champion Tyler Grant.

Shin, Sammy, Maro, Andy

The above band tours Japan every year. Shin Akimoto, Andy Ball, Sammy Shelor, Maro Katawba (I apologize if I've misspelled names there...). When I stuck my head in the door they were picking a triple-mandolin version of "Golden Slippers."


And once again to end up the night, G2. There were very few people in that 1:30 am showcase, so we clapped twice as loud to make up for it. L-R: Tobias Strömberg, Christoffer Olsson, Jimmy Sunnebrandt, Erik Igelström, Jens Koch.

Casey HenryMonday night I caught a couple of after-hours showcases when the official showcases were over. I dropped in on Gloria Bell and Tennessee Sunshine and enjoyed hearing Gloria pick the fire out of the mandolin:

Gloria Bell and Tennessee Sunshine

Gloria Bell

Gloria started playing when she was young and even quit high school so that she could play music for a living. That's gutsy.

My next stop was watching G2, the wonderful Swedish bluegrass band. Here are some randomly arranged shots of them:


Since I'm not regularly a late night person I pooped out relatively early (1:30) and headed to the house. I like to say that I'm just saving up my energy for later in the week!

Casey HenryHere are some shots from the IBMA convention, day 1.

My day started by setting up the Murphy Mehtod booth at the trade show. Here is my brother Chris and grandmother Renee, holding the fort:

Chris and Renee at the booth

And here is the blog, at the booth:

blog at the booth

My night started by watching the wonderful keynote address, given by Roger Brown, president of Berklee College of Music in Boston. (More on that in a later post.) Directly thereafter one of my favorite bands, the Dixie Bee-Liners showcased:

Dixie Bee-Liners

L-R: Sam Morrow, Buddy Woodward, Rachel Johnson, Brandi Hart, Jeremy Darrow, Jonathan Manness.

More later...