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Santa Hat on BanjoTo help get your holiday shopping jump-started we're running a telephone-only sale. Call us and order any four DVDs for just $75 (plus shipping). Get one to accompany that new banjo or guitar that will be under the tree and give yourself a present while you're at it! Operators are standing by! (Those operators would be Red, Murphy, Casey and Chris...) Sale ends Dec. 13th, 2010. (Available over the phone only, not through the website!)

Go to our website, pick out what you want, and call us to order!


Red Henry

Folks, this time of year we take some deep breaths and start getting ready for the busy days of December. This is the time when I order duplication supplies and mailers and boxes for shipping, because it sure is easier to order them now (and get them fast) than it would be to wait another three or four weeks! I'm staying busy right now, stocking up on our DVDs in anticipation of our busy time coming up. Also, this is a good time for special projects such as our new Murphy Method page on Facebook, which we set up a few days ago.

We've had a few folks express concern that the Facebook page would distract us from this blog. Believe me, that won't happen. This blog is our primary way to communicate with all of you out there, and there's a lot more info about us and our DVDs on this website than Facebook would ever have room for! So if you aren't on Facebook, don't worry about missing out on anything. You can read all the Murphy Method news right here on the blog.

Speaking of getting ready for the Christmas season, we'll be running a sale for at least part of December (I'd tell you all about it now, but we haven't decided what kind of sale to run yet!) -- But don't worry, everyone who has ever contacted us or received a Murphy Method email newsletter will receive a notice about the sale right away. Never received a newsletter from us? Just drop us a line through our contact page, at:


-- and you'll be automatically added to the list and will receive our emails once or twice a month.

Now I have some DVDs to pack up and send out, so I'll sign off. See you again soon--


5for89By now you may have heard of our sale either through our monthly newsletter or on our website, but we believe in market saturation, so you're hearing about it here on our blog as well.

This is a TELEPHONE sale. You call us, order any FIVE DVDs and they only cost $89 (plus $6 shipping). 800-227-2357

If you don't know what you want, go browse around for a while and get some ideas.

This offer is only good through the end of February, so get crackin'!

The reason this is a telephone only sale is that to do it on the website we'd have to get our website programmer involved, because none of us here knows how to change the price in funny ways and make it come out right in the shopping cart. Over the phone we can sell anything for any price we want. So that's what we're doing.

elfThis year, for the first time, we've decided to offer some package deals on our DVDs for the holiday season. Each of these three-DVD sets comes with a free gift---a copy of The Dixie Bee-Liners new CD Susanville. All of these packages will give you enough to work on for a good many months, maybe until next December. The beginning sets are perfect to accompany a new instrument, if anyone is so lucky as to be getting one under the tree this year. You can get each package for the special sale price of $70, plus $3 shipping.

Although Casey plays with The Dixie Bee-Liners, she's not on this CD, having joined the band too late. We're trying to give the band some good promotion, and Murphy has this to say about the CD: "I REALLY like this Susanville CD, even though Casey is not playing banjo on it! Brandi and Buddy are killer songwriters, who come up with excellent lyrics and unusual melodies. My current fave from the CD is "Truck Stop Baby" but "Heavy"--with the line "I act strange but honey, you're downright perverse"--is right up there in my Top Two. And then of course there is the gearjamming "Road Hog!" The whole CD is just good listening. And, it's FREE!"

Red Henry

Red Henry

Folks, we're happy to report that our week-long Murphy Method half-price sale on banjo DVDs broke all previous sales records. And the ones who did it were YOU. We're grateful to all our Murphy Method students who took advantage of this sale and made it such a great success!

We've had several suggestions for future sales, and they are all under consideration. If you have a special idea about a sale for the Murphy Method to put on, please drop us a line (through the "Contact Us" function on our website) and let us know. We want to know your ideas!

I’d keep writing, but I need to fill a lot of orders that came in last night and this morning, so they can go out today. Everybody pick purty, and thanks again!

Red Henry

Red Henry

Folks, as Casey mentioned a couple of days ago, we're running a big sale here at the Murphy Method: All banjo DVDs are on sale from now until Monday, Aug. 31! [NOTE: THIS SALE ENDED AUG 31st, 2009.] And the sale is already a great success. Orders are really coming in fast. Lots of folks are really stocking up on their Murphy Method DVDs, and we've been really busy packing them and sending them off. We’ve had record-breaking sales this week, and it’s all because of you!

Remember, the sale ends Monday night at midnight! If you haven’t taken advantage of this great half-price opportunity yet, you still have a couple of days to decide what you'd like to order. So visit us at our Murphy Method home page, www.murphymethod.com . And happy picking!

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

For the first time ever here at the Murphy Method we're having a half-price sale on all our banjo DVDs and videos. Those of you who get our newsletter found out about it on Monday and boy oh boy, has the response been great. We never could have predicted how many people would want to stock up on DVDs when given the opportunity. If you're not on our emailing list, you probably just happened by our site and saw the notice on the front page. If you'd like to take a look at what we send out on a monthly basis, here's our August newsletter to check out.

If, after seeing our newsletter, you'd like sign up and get in on sales and new products at the earliest opportunity, you may do so here.

I periodically check out Banjo Hangout to see what they are saying about us. Usually I'm please with what I find, like today, for example. I read in this thread how satisfied people have been with our customer service. That is one thing we consider of #1 importance. We want our customers and students to be completely satisfied and we will do everything in our power to make that happen. If you order our products from a different retailer, there is only so much we can do, but if you order from us we'll pretty much bend over backwards for you.

I'm pausing in the middle of editing a lesson I just taped (Is that still a valid verb to use? "Taped" meaning "recorded on my coumputer.") for "Just Because." A couple students wanted to learn the version that Murphy recorded on her M&M Blues CD, so yesterday I sat down and learned it. I made my student Kyle act as a guinea pig and I taught it to him at his lesson yesterday. The lessons always come out better if I've had a chance to practice them on in-person students first. If anyone else wants a copy, just let me know.

One last item to mention, and that's the fact that we now have our Rawhide video available on DVD!! It is the last of our banjo videos to be converted so we now have every single one of the old videos onto DVD. Finally!! We're doing a little happy dance. And it, too, is on sale for half price, until August 31st.