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Casey Henry...well, the title may be a bit of an exaggeration, but he was there, and on stage, while they were singing "Happy Birthday" to me, and that's something that's not likely to ever happen again in my life, so I thought it was deserving of mention.

Saturday, January 3rd, was my birthday. To celebrate I went to lunch with my friend Megan Lynch and then we went to see the movie "Milk", which was great and amazing and wonderfully acted. (Also in the crowd at the theater were Tim O'Brien and his wife Kit Swaggert, their son Joel and Joel's girlfriend.) In the evening (after watching my new Dr. Horrible DVD twice, once without commentary, once with) I ventured out to the Station Inn to watch Jeff White, Mike Bub, Charlie Cushman, Michael Cleveland, and Jeff Gurnsey play two great sets of music. They had used my van to go to a gig in Indiana the day before and somehow knew that it was my birthday. (It couldn't have been because I managed to casually work it into conversation at every available opportunity...)

Jeff, Mike, and Charlie all play with Vince Gill, who came down to the Station after his appearance on the Opry that night. He was on stage for their second set and around midnight, when they pointed me out and got everybody to join in on the birthday song, he may have sung along, too. I couldn't really tell, but I like to believe that he did. Quite a satisfying way to top off a birthday night.

I also ran into Tim O'Brien at the Station. He played on the second set as well. He pointed out that we were among the very few people in Nashville who would both go see "Milk" and go to the Station Inn on the same day!