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CaseyHere are some video clips for your viewing pleasure.

First, here is a look at a slow jam from Kaufman Kamp a couple years back. I couldn't believe someone actually posted a slow jam, but it's kinda neat. I can only stand to hear about 45 seconds of it myself, but it will give you a good idea of what goes on: calling out chords so everyone can follow along.

Next, a blast from the past. Red and Murphy and Co. sing "Mtn. Laurel Man" from 1980. Murphy's sister Nancy sings the lead. I especially like the comments from Nancy's current students (she's a high school math teacher). My favorite one is "dude mrs pate".

Here are Chris and myself singing his song "One Foot In the Grave" at an IBMA showcase two years ago:

And here's us with our now-defunct band The Two-Stringers (in this case Tyler Grant and Casey Grimes) singing "Walkin' West to Memphis":