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Red HenryWell, as you can guess, "Recording" is 'way too big a subject to be covered in just one day's blog. But I wanted to mention that our friend Wes Thacker, a fine singer-songwriter from Virginia, has just released his new CD, "Vault of My Old Memories". The disc features a lot of good original material along with some bluegrass standards, and some friends and I helped Wes record it.

We recorded in a small studio not far from Winchester, and it was a good experience. I played the fiddle and a bit of mandolin; David McLaughlin played most of the mandolin and all the banjo; and Marshall Wilborn supplied the bass. Wes had already put down most of the basic tracks before we got there, so all we needed to do was to record own instrumental tracks, which only took a couple of sessions.

It helps, in a recording session or a live band, if the people like each other. So this was an ideal session in that regard, and I could give Marshall and Cousin David some trouble as we sent along, to help keep things on a live, light note. We got a lot of the tracks down in just one or two tries, so Wes's music sounds fresh and lively.

Interested in the CD? You can contact Wes at  wesandt@aol.com .