Another Favorite Moment From Logan

Murphy HenrySo, I'm at my friend Robyn's house for supper. (She's cooking!) Robyn is one of my Fiddle Sisters, a group of five women who like to play fiddles together. We were hot on the nursing home circuit one Christmas! Anyhow, Robyn is the mother of my sixteen-year-old banjo student Logan, whom I wrote about a few days ago.

Supper is underway and Robyn is doing chef-like things at the counter while Logan is sitting across from her doing something with his laptop. We talk a little bit about the band Old Crowe Medicine Show, one of my new faves, and Logan pulls up one of their songs "Alabama High Test" on the computer and plays it for us.

Then Logan says, "Want to hear my favorite song right now?"

I say, "Sure," guessing that he will play something from one of the hot young bluegrass bands of maybe a jamgrass band.

Instead he clicks on a song title and the ancient tones of "In The Pines" come wafting through the kitchen. Sung by Bill Monroe himself! Complete with harmony "oohing" and the sound of wind moaning through the trees.

I am stunned. And delighted. For a teacher, it doesn't get much better than that. Thanks again, Logan, for "one brief shining moment." (And I hope you have that new break to "Faded Love" worked out by Thursday. If you don't, I'll be sure to post your excuses right here! <G>)