Right Hand Studies

Casey HenryIn thinking about right hand position, which I wrote about on Friday, I thought I'd dig out some pictures to show the variation in how people's right hands look. This first one should need no explanation or identification:

Earl Scruggs right hand

(That's Earl!) In an ideal world, everyone's hand would look just like this. But, it's not an ideal world and people's hands look all sorts of different ways.

J. D. Crowe right hand

J. D. Crowe at a show in Kentucky, April 22, 2001. I wish I'd been able to zoom in more, but my little camera would only do so much.

Pete Kuykendall

Here's someone you don't see pickin' the banjo very often: that's Bluegrass Unlimited editor Pete Kuykendall at the Maryland Banjo Academy, April 18, 1997.

Casey Henry

And this is yours truly, from early 1998, playing my Stealth banjo. I still have that flannel shirt...just sold the banjo, though.