Practice Tip #7

Casey(Yes, I went back and counted!) My tip for today is this: keep up with your old material!! With one of my students, who has been coming to lessons for at least six years now, I've been doing a thorough review of old material for the last couple of months. Now, in six years you are going to cover a lot of stuff. And, indeed, we have lots and lots of songs on the list. If you don't keep a list of the songs you've learned, you should. It is easy to let something slip through the cracks. Lots of his songs slipped through the cracks, so we've been going back and relearning lots of things that he would have remembered had he been a bit more conscientious about practicing.

I know that it is hard to keep up with the things that you don't use often. I have that same problem myself. But as a banjo player you should absolutely be able to kick into any and all of Earl Scruggs's tunes at the drop of a hat, even if you don't play them often with others. It's one thing to let an obscure fiddle tune fall out of practice, but it is unpardonable to let "Fireball Mail" fall out of practice. In theory all the tunes that you've learned should be treated equally, but in reality, some are more equal than others!

One thought on “Practice Tip #7

  1. sundance

    I may neglect some of my tunes, such as Cumberland Gap, but I agree, I never let a day or two go by without playing Fireball Mail.

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