Workshop Schedule Updated

Casey HenryI wanted to draw your attention to the fact that I updated the Workshop page on our website, so all the camps that I'm going to be at this year are listed now. The one coming up soonest is in March, in Delaware.

I also wanted to share this amusing thing that happened in a lesson today. My student was just playing her warm up song, "Banjo In the Hollow," naturally, when we noticed that her fifth string was buzzing. I attributed this to the weather, which has turned quite cold in the last couple of days. Turned out the string was buzzing on the ninth fret spike. I suggested that she just put the string under the spike for the time being and re-tune the string. But she wanted to fix it, so when simply pushing the spike down didn't work she looked in her purse to find something to use. She came up with her mascara. So she used her mascara to hammer the spike down enough that it wouldn't buzz. I love the idea of using mascara as a tool to work on your banjo!

One last note: I leave tomorrow to fly to Tampa to work as a volunteer coordinator on the Super Bowl halftime show. The guy who hired me for the job last year (this is my second Super Bowl), Cap Spence, is a banjo player and Murphy Method student. I'll be sending some updates of what is happening down there in the two weeks leading up to the big game, so stay tuned!