Super Bowl XLIII Blog #2

Casey HenryWednesday night was our second volunteer rehearsal on the practice field beside the stadium. Our volunteers are the stage crew, tasked with assembling the stage on the field in the three or four minutes after the first half of the game ends, and then disassembling it and getting it off the field before the second half starts. The stage is built in many different sections on wheels, called carts. In the rehearsals leading up to the game we work on getting the time for putting the stage together down from the 20 or 30 minutes it takes the first time, to our 3 or 4 minute goal time.

The weather was cold and windy and for our comfort, Cap asked our crew guys to put up a tent to shelter us from the wind. They put up a pop-up canopy and enclosed three sides with thick black plastic. They even put a little space heater in there for us. Below are a couple of pictures of the volunteer coordination team in our little hut:

Volunteer Check-in January 21st, #2

Ashley Kecskes, Bryan Ransom, Holly Silber, Casey Henry

Volunteer Check-in January 21st

This year's volunteers are extremely enthusiastic. In the cold night air they all wanted to put the stage together four times instead of the scheduled three. After I check in people there is not a whole lot for me to do during the practice, so I get to eat supper (one of the boxed meals we get for the vols at every practice---sandwich, chips, pickle, cookie) and watch the spectacle. At the end of practice they bring the carts back and "put them to bed" in the tent inside the halftime show compound. After practice we on the crew can generally be found in the hotel bar discussing what does or does not need to be changed about the stages, banjos, guitars, seaweed, Captain Morgan's vs. Sailor Jerry, feminism, adult movie shoots, and squirrel catapults.

And yet, the next day we're all (kind of) bright eyed and (relatively) bushy tailed and (somewhat) ready and rearin' to go to work to make it the best halftime show ever!!