“It Wasn’t On My DVD!”

Murphy HenryOkay. So I just got done with a lesson with Bob. (The golfer.) We’re working on “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder” from the Amazing Grace DVD. The last lick of the song is the Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arm lick, which itself ends with the tag lick. (Got all that?) Bob kept trying to put another lick on after the tag lick. I kept telling him, “That’s the end of the song, Bob.” He kept insisting there was something more.

Bob: “It was right there on my DVD!”

Murphy: “No it wasn’t.”

Bob: “I’m gonna go back home and check.”

Murphy: “Go ahead. You know I’m always right.”

Bob: “I know you are, but I’ve got a black market copy!”

At this I dissolve in laughter. A black market copy, indeed! There may be black market copies out there, but they still have the same notes on them!

Murphy to Bob: “Let’s make it interesting. Want to put some money on it?”

Bob: “I know you’re right, but sure.”

Murphy: “Five bucks.”

Bob: “Okay.”

All done in the spirit of fun, of course. I’ll let you know the outcome after our next lesson!

BTW, Bob was all attired in Steelerware: Steeler ballcap (2009 Conference Champions) and Steeler jersey. He’s a Pennsylvania boy! At the risk of ticking off all the fans for the other side (again): Go Steelers! (I’m a Terry Bradshaw fan from way back!)

And be sure to watch the half-time show, where, if you can take your eyes off of the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, you might catch a glimpse of Casey somewhere in the crowd! Her doting parents will have their eyes glued to the set!

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