A Very Rainy Dress Rehersal

Casey HenryYesterday---dress rehearsal day---we were hoping to get away with a few showers, but instead it pretty much poured from 2:00 on, all during the time we were checking in our volunteers, moving the stage onto the field, and running the show. It was a constant battle to keep the water off the stage, fought with squeegies, leaf blowers, and towels. But the band did their whole show in the rain, instruments and everything, three times through. I don't see how in the world they can do that, having the instruments get wet, but they do.

It was a full dress rehearsal, so the band wore their show clothes, and we had the field cast (the kids that run screaming onto the field and gather around the stage being the audience). These fans, including some of the people on our stage crew, are so crazed that they had to put security people down there in with the kids (OK, really they're not kids, but mostly adults) because they are afraid there will be a huge crush at the stage and someone will get hurt. Since it was raining, the field stayed tarped the whole time, to protect the grass. As there always is during these kinds of events, there was a lot of standing around for us and the volunteers while the TV people do whatever it is that TV people do.

They were very strict about cameras. They allowed NO pictures to be taken, and the few people they did catch taking pictures, they dealt with. I know they deleted the pictures; I don't know if they threw the people out or not. So, I won't be posting any dress rehearsal pictures. But I do expect to be able to get some on game day.

It is still raining today, which does not bode well for the pre- and post-game dress rehearsals scheduled for this afternoon.