Funny Story

Murphy HenrySo, Bob (the golfer) and I are having a lesson. We are playing “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder.” (From the Amazing Grace Gospel Banjo DVD.) During the last month or so, we’ve been working a lot on coming back into a song when you mess up. And we’ve done much work on this specific song. Still, tonight, Bob keeps getting lost somewhere in the middle and can’t seem to get back in. (Okay, sometimes he makes it back in at the end of the song, coming in on the tag lick. And then he is able, sometimes, to start the song over. So we’re getting there. And he is both patient and determined so eventually this won’t be a problem. But tonight it is a problem.)

So after about ten reps of the song, I stop us.

Me: What’s happening?

Bob: I’m losing my focus.

Me: What do you mean?

Bob: My mind keeps drifting off and I start thinking about other things.

Me: Like what?

Bob: Well, at one point I was wondering, “What song am I really playing?”

Need I say more?