Greetings From Georgia

Murphy HenryGreetings from Georgia! I’m down here doing my weekend with my folks. This visit happened to coincide with the nearby appearance of our friends Robin and Linda Williams, stars of radio (Prairie Home Companion) and screen (Prairie Home Companion). They and their Fine Group were playing at the Crimson Moon in Dahlonega (pronounced “Duh-lon-uh-guh), a mere hour’s drive from my hometown, Clarkesville. So I decided to catch their show Friday night on my way down. I met my sister Claire there for supper at 7, followed by the show at 8.

Robin (whose middle name is Murphy) and Linda were in fine form for two sets of mostly original music primarily drawn from their new album “Buena Vista.” (I was gonna tell you how Robin said that was pronounced in Virginia, but I can’t figure out how to spell it phonetically! Suffice it to say that “Buena” rhymes with “June” or, more precisely, “June-uh.” I had no idea this blog would include so much about pronunciation!)

Linda was playing more clawhammer banjo than I’d seen her play on a show before which was a wonderful treat. Putting the bottom in the band on electric bass as always was Jim Watson whose rendition of “Hesitation Blues,” modeled on that of the great banjo player Charlie Poole, was a highlight of the show. And on the fiddle was none other than Chris Brashear whom I had never seen with the Fine Group before. Chris is a fine songwriter in his own right, and his song “Mason’s Lament,” (which Lynn Morris recorded) is one of my faves.

Robin was kind enough to recognize me from the stage (always flattering! ) and to dedicate “Blue Ridge Cabin Home” to me. Little did he know that BRCH is so widely used by me that I now abbreviate it BRCH! It’s my “go to” song for both vamping and improvising, and at camps it’s become the perfect vehicle for a group lesson in how to play a high break. (And can be found on at least two, if not three, of our DVDs!)

Apropos of nothing musical, the woman I was sitting next to (from Gainesville, Georgia) turned out to be good friends with my best friend from Camp Echoee, Jane Adams. At the closing ceremonies of camp one year, Jane and I both got ribbons for being “Head Skinny Dippers.” Whoo hoo! Those were the days!

And on that note, I will turn myself to checking on my parents, fixing a cuppa, and starting on the unbelievably hard crossword puzzle in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution!

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  1. Laura

    I found this via a search for Camp Echoee. We have a Facebook group and are having fun remembering days at camp. Did you go to the camp when it was near Helen or when it moved to Clarkesville. We’re trying to figure out the Clarkesville location.

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