Misfits’ Jam

Murphy HenryThings were a little lean at the Misfit Jam tonight. Only two folks at the jam: Bob Mc and Logan. But we had a good time anyhow!

For a while there, it was just Logan and me, so we traded some banjo breaks on:

Dixie Breakdown
Wildwood Flower
Shucking the Corn

Then Bob graced us with his presence, so we let him warm up by playing:

Banjo in the Hollow
Cripple Creek
Boil Them Cabbage

We tried the new idea of letting the banjos play together during this warm-up time. Of course, there was the inevitable confusion about what I meant when I said “play together.” I should have said, “Both of you play the lead at the same time.” (I forgot I was talking to banjo players!)

After this we launched into:

Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Old Joe Clark (in G, since there were no pesky fiddlers!)
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder

Doing “Old Joe” was tricky, since Bob only knows the A part. So I asked Logan to finish out Bob’s breaks by playing the B part and then play his own full break. Logan came through like a champ!

Then for our last song, I asked Bob if he was up on both “When The Roll” and “I’ll Fly Away.” He said both were good for him. Then I turned to Logan and asked, “Which one of these do you not play?” He said, “ ‘When the Roll’.” I said, “Good. We’ll do that one!”

I think Bob was mildly startled by my choosing the song Logan didn’t know, but I wanted to give him a chance to improvise a break. Which he did quite well. Then after we’d been through the tune a few times and his break was coming around again I said, “Take a high break!” Logan was caught a little bit off guard, but came through with flying colors. He also was putting in some great backup licks we’ve been working on. So, all in all, that was a good tune to end on.

And now I have to quit Blogging and rush down to Tom’s Market for some “possibles” before it closes! “Oh my bucket’s got a hole in it, yes, my bucket’s got a hole in it....”