Murphy Birthday Thread

Monday, May 18th is Murphy's birthday. This is the official "birthday thread," so post any and all birthday wishes in the comments section of this post!!


9 thoughts on “Murphy Birthday Thread

  1. steve burris

    Happy birthday Murphy! I wish we had more dr. like your dad, the world would be much better place.
    Thanks for taking up music, it’s given an old guy like me the ability to play a banjo that i would never had if not for you.
    Thanks again

  2. martha carlton

    Murphy, you know how much you and your family have meant to me over the years. During my years of law practice in Habersham county, your Dad was an ANGEL to me. He was always patient and kind when I had to ask him medical questions about my child abuse cases. Then I met Argen who was a teacher of both of my children. She made a big difference too. During all this time I heard stories about the oldest Hicks daughter who had run away with a mandolin player, having given up medical school to do so. Your longs about “Riding around on a Saturday night” were still in vogue during my childrens’ growing up years. I wondered if I would ever meet the REAL Murphy. Finally I did, and I started learning , slowly and painfully to play the banjo. I loved it and I loved the way you taught. I still love it, even though I can’t play it aas well as I want to yet. But, now comes your dear daughter Casey, and and I am able to take lessons from her during the summers. So, you see what a large influence your whole family has been for me. Thank you so much!!!

    I wish you and your dear father HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  3. Sharyn

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MURPHY AND MR. HICKS, from Alberta, Canada! Murphy, you have inspired me and helped me learn to play music. I wish I lived close enough to take lessons from you and also be able to participate in your jams! Wishing you both a great day!

  4. Ron

    Happy Birthday to you and your father. Best wishes for many years of good health and good music.

  5. Archie

    Hi Murphy

    Happy Birthday to you and your father. My mother took great pride in sharing her birthday with her mother. She was of Irish decent and would often sing those old Irish and Scottish songs. I think that is where I get my ear for fiddle and banjo tunes.

    Have a great day..


  6. Robbin Sneddon

    Happy Belated Birthday, Murphy! Hope it was a delightful day in every way! And what a blessing to share the same birthdate as your Daddy!

    Thanks for all your inspiration & help in teaching me so many wonderful banjo tunes!

    Robbin (The purple Kel Kroydon banjo gal!)

  7. Kerry Sneddon

    Happy belated Birthday to you and your Dad! All the wonderful things I’ve heard about the family surley carries through the third generation. I finally got to meet your daughter, Casey this past weekend at Banjo Camp North. It is obvious where all that phenomenal talent originates from but most of all, her personality and ability to relate with each and every student is something to behold. Thanks to the whole family for making such beautiful music available to all in such a wonderful manner. My wife Robbin has to be one of your biggest fans!

    Make the whole week your Birthday celebration!


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