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Casey HenryA fabulous time was had by all at last weekend's Banjo Camp North. I had the pleasure of teaching there for the second year in a row, and, knowing in advance what to expect, I brought foam to put on the hard camp bed. That made everything better!

Other instructors there for the weekend were Tony Trischka, Bill Keith, Janet Davis, Bruce Stockwell, Mac Benford, Lorraine Hammond, Rich Stillman (a fellow Kel Kroydon endorser), and many, many more. There are many stories to share, but I'll pull out just a couple (so as not to spoil my next Banjo Newsletter article for you).

Saturday at the camp there was some free time before dinner, so Tom Mirisola of the American Made Banjo Company asked me and Rich Stillman to come to his booth to do a little impromptu jamming. We had a brief little session playing our KK banjos. One of our mail-order students, Robbin, was there with her purple KK banjo (the only purple one in the world!). She bravely jumped right into the fray and took a break on "Salt Creek." I immediately recognized it as the one off of Beginning Banjo Volume 2! I love to see the Murphy Method put into action and I was proud that she pulled off such a great break!

Tony Trischka was there for the first day and half of camp, and although I didn't get to attend any of his workshops (since I was teaching myself), he is always delightful to be around. I was especially flattered that he complimented me on my tune Real Women Drive Trucks, mentioning my unusual use of the Keith tuners. When I released that CD back in 2000, Mike Seeger wrote me a letter saying that the use of the tuners was new to him as well. I still have that letter on my bulletin board over my desk.

Here's one picture from camp: Casey Henry, Tony Trischka, Kelly Stockwell

Casey, Tony, and Kelly

4 thoughts on “Banjo Camp North

  1. Kerry Sneddon

    Great meeting you at BCN Casey! Now I can see what my wife Robbin has been raving about since last year! I’ll never forget the initial responses I got from Tom Mirisola and Robin Smith when I wanted them to build a purple and gold Kel Kroydon for her. Needless to say, it turned out remarkable! Many thanks to you and your Mom for laying down solid groundwork for Robbin’s picking! No dust ever gathers on all those videos! Your “Real Women Drive Trucks” is wonderfully upbeat. I couldn’t get enough of it when you and Kelly Stockwell were going over your set for Saturday night at the vendor area. Your use of the Keith tuners brought me to the source of the sound from all the way down by the lake! Must have listened to that tune 40 times on the way home Sunday! Many thanks for being the “Icing on the cake” of all the great people that came together to make BCN such a wonderful event!


  2. admin


    You’re very welcome! It was great to meet you, too. Robbin is lucky to have such an enthusiastic supporter of her playing. I know many people wish their spouses felt the same way! Hope to see y’all again soon.


  3. bob burkett

    how do you find out about these camps .ive been pickin banjo and guitar for 5 yrs and dont seem to be gettin better.i practice every day but been on a plateau(probably butchered that word) for about a year now

  4. admin

    Hi Bob,

    You can find out about the camps that Murphy and the other Murphy Method instructors are teaching at on our workshops page, which is here:

    Otherwise, keep an eye on the ads in Bluegrass Unlimited and Banjo Newsletter magazines, and keep an eye on discussion boards like Banjo Hangout and Flatpick-L for upcoming camps.

    The Murphy Method co-sponsors a jam camp in September near Nashville, Tennessee, where I will be teaching.

    Best of luck,

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