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Casey Henry

Casey Henry

I've now had quite a few requests for the custom DVD lessons I'm offering and, having recorded five or six of them, I've discovered a few things. This is the first time I've taught students where I have absolutely no idea about their playing experience. They could have been playing for years and years, or they could have started a few months ago. Because of the I have to err on the side of explaining every single thing. When I know a student has been playing for a while, or I know they've been through the Beginning Banjo DVDs, I can say, "End the phrase with your tag lick," and I know that they know what I'm talking about. In these custom lessons, I have to explain every note of the tag lick in every single song, just in case they don't know it.

Even when recording the regular Murphy Method DVDs, we have a reasonable expectation that the students who are using the more advanced lessons have already covered the beginning lessons, and if they haven't we can tell them to go back and do, for instance, Jam Session Standards, before trying to tackle Advanced Earl. But people who request a lesson of one song, some of them fairly obscure, can't be told "Go back and do the entire Misfits DVD before you learn this."

But, it's kinda cool seeing the songs that people request, and it's good practice for me learning them (if necessary) and teaching them. I bet some of them will end up on our regular DVDs in the future. So, thanks to all of you who have and will ask for custom lessons for contributing to ongoing cirriculum development at The Murphy Method!

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  1. Dennis Leitner

    As a Murphy Method student who has to drive more than 3 hours for a lesson from Casey, I really like the idea of these “custom CD” lessons. What other ones have you prepared, beyond “Shuckin’ The Corn”?

    You might indicate the level on each one: B = beginner. I = intermediate, A = advanced. Then you might assume a certain level of competence that the student will have BEFORE requesting a certain song. For example, an “intermediate level” lesson would assume the student is familiar with the tag lick.

    Is Murphy going to prepare some of these lessons on CD? I have the feeling that Murphy has FORGOTTEN more than I will ever KNOW. (That comment is meant to reflect my ability more than her forgetfulness.)

    I really look forward to more of these lessons. Keep up the good work.

  2. admin

    Post author

    Hey Dennis,

    So far I have:

    Shuckin’ The Corn
    Whiskey Before Breakfast
    Doug’s Tune
    Blue Ridge Cabin Home (Earl’s arrangement)
    Faithless Love (as recorded by Linda Ronstadt)
    John Henry

    …with more to come.

    As of right now Murphy isn’t going to do custom lessons because: 1.) She doesn’t have the time. 2.) She doesn’t have a computer setup that is easy to do it on. Maybe at some point in the future?


  3. Casey

    No, that is a regular ol G arrangement of John Henry. No one has yet asked for the D arrangement.


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