A Good Day

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

I remember reading somewhere, sometime that someone asked Bill Monroe to describe what he would do on a day that he really enjoyed, a “good day.” All I can recall right now is that Bill said something like he would work on his farm all day long, then go somewhere and do a music show, and then get into his car (or bus) and drive all night. I wasn’t sure at the time what my good day would be, but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be like Bill’s!

This evening, as I was contemplating this blog, I realized that I had, indeed, had a good day. And I was curious to see what it consisted of.

First of all, when I got up I had a good book lying in wait for me to read while I had my morning tea. The Book Thief. It was a loaner from Robyn. More about her later.

Then, Marty came by for a two-hour banjo lesson. (And I’m so glad he did because otherwise this blog wouldn’t have anything about bluegrass or banjo in it!) At IBMA this year, he’d bought his wife Cheryl an acoustic bass--the kind that looks like a big guitar--and she came along this time and we played through most of Marty’s songs and that was great fun and I got paid for doing it! I love my job!

Then I wolfed down a bite of lunch (while reading more of The Book Thief) and met Robyn for a hike on the Appalachian Trail. It’s been cold and rainy here all week, but it cleared up just in time for us to hit the trail and I was so glad to be outside. We did our regular two-hour hike (one hour in, one hour back) and pretty much talked non-stop the whole way. I am happy to report that neither of us fell down, even though the rain had made the path wet and slippery.

Then, on the way back home, we stopped at Starbucks where we warmed up with coffee (Pumpkin Spice latte for her; de-caf Americano for me) and talked some more!

Back at home, I rustled up a supper of leftovers (always nice not to have to cook!) and finished my book. The only sad thing is that now I don’t have a good book to look forward to reading tomorrow morning! Perhaps I’ll download something to my Kindle....

Right now I’m off to take a hot shower, and then I’m gonna curl up in front of the TV with a DVD about five sisters that stars Meryl Streep.

I’m not saying it was a perfect day (especially since it didn’t involve chocolate—and how did that happen?) but it was a good ‘un! Thanks for letting me share it with you.

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  1. Ellen

    Now that is a perfect day! I loved that book, I love being outside tromping around in the woods, and the eating and drinking in between sounded heavenly.

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