Dixie Bee-Liners American Revival Tour – Days 5 and 6

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

Here are some memorable moments from the last two days:

Backstage at the Birchmere, Ron Block and Chris Eldridge hold a mini guitar summit, talking about everything from Tony Rice’s Church Street Blues album to pick angle. Clay Hess joins in and it morphs into a guitar jam.

On stage during Uncle Earl’s set, Kristin introduces a song and calls it an old chestnut. Some guy in the audience yells out “chestnut!!!”. Kristin says it’s nice to know that the crowd is really listening. She gets the whole audience to yell out “chestnut!” A few songs later Stephanie introduces a song and tries to use the word chestnut, but says “chestnurt.” Hilarity ensues.

Bryn, who is playing this tour with injured tendons in her right hand, starts to hurt during UE’s set. But the audience can’t tell a thing because she doesn’t miss a note but merely turns her head to the rear of the stage and grimaces in pain.

In studio at WAMU The Dixie Bee-Liners are performing live on the air with deejay Jen Hitt. Brandi, for some reason, mentions that we all love chocolate and Thai food. Jeremy and Rachel echo “chocolate….Thai food!” Rachel gets a text that says, “I love chocolate, too!”

Riding down I-95 in our white van. Rachel and I share the back bench seat. Brandi works on catching up on email/Facebook/Myspace for hours; Buddy plays pinball on his computer. I listen to Wil Wheaton’s Just a Geek audiobook on my iPod.

Stopped at a Pilot truckstop for a quick supper. We’re sitting in the Subway/Dairy Queen when a disturbingly over enthusiastic employee comes over the loud speaker and tells us about the daily specials in a manically happy voice. She ends by saying, “Dairy Queen, what do you have on special?” Dairy Queen doesn’t answer.

After said supper, back in the van, Brandi asks us if we’d like any chocolate because she has some in her purse. We answer yes, and then she can’t find the chocolate. Robin calls her a “choc tease.” (She does eventually find it.)

Today: Newberry Opera House, Newberry, SC.

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