Dixie Bee-Liners American Revival Tour – Day 7

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

This is the sixth in my series of tour blogs from the American Revival concerts. In order for you to make sense of them you’ll need to know this: The Dixie Bee-Liners are Brandi Hart (guitar, vocals), Buddy Woodward (mandolin), Rachel Johnson (fiddle), Jeremy Darrow (bass), Robin Davis (guitar), and myself Casey Henry on banjo.

Since we’d arrived in Newberry, SC, the previous evening, we had the entire morning free to do whatever we liked. Today we liked to go on a hike. I googled and found Lynch’s Woods, a park that has several miles of hiking trails and was only about six minutes from our hotel.

Bee-Liner day hike.

Bee-Liner day hike.

All the Bee-Liners except Buddy, plus Uncle Earl’s KC Groves, came along. We walked for about two hours. The trails in this park were not well marked and they twisted and turned in random ways. We were all little worried that we’d get into the middle of the woods and not be able to find our way back. But all was well in the end and we felt hale and hearty from the crisp outdoor air.

We were due to load in at the venue at 2:00, and I can’t tell you how excited we were that the Newberry Opera House is RIGHT across the street from the hotel. We could walk there. It was awesome.

I ate lunch at the Flying Pie. I had wonderful Dill Pickle Soup, and bruschetta. Then I wandered down the street to Books on Main where I exercised great restraint and only bought one book: Julie and Julia. That’ll be good van reading.

After load-in and soundchecks we had the luxury of coming back to our hotel rooms to change and get ready. The crowd for this show was the smallest we’ve had so far, which was disappointing to everybody. The promotion for the shows on the tour hasn’t been as good as we’d like, so we’re trying to come up with ways to drum up more people for the rest of the shows on the tour.

As far as our set went, I think our day off on Tuesday made us a little rusty. I know I made a couple random and stupid mistakes that I’ve never made before. Today we’ll definitely find time to run our entire set before getting on stage.

Post show we went to the Storm Cellar for drinks and watched the Yankees beat Philly in the World Series. We were rooting for the Phillies because Jeremy used to live in Philadelphia, so were were very disappointed.

Tonight: Morganton, NC, Municipal Auditorium.

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  1. Martin Bacon

    I could leave the dates on BHO if that is allowed there or even a link to Dixie Bee Liners. Just so you are not too disappointed, I have seen empty seats for people like Del McCourey etc. in Raleigh. Some of the attendance issues could be the day of the week. A lot of bluegrass daddies (and mommies) probably get grief going out on weekdays. I am going to see the Gibson Brothers tonight (in fact I have to get going so I can have dinner with them – hurray!) and I bet there won’t be 50 people there because it is Thursday.


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