Zombieland! (Banjo content!)

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

I almost never watch horror flicks as they are way too scary. Not to mention gross. (Buffy and True Blood don’t count!) But having first heard about Zombieland from The Dixie Bee-Liners and then having my friend Kathy tell me it was actually funny, when I found myself with time on my hands while Red was at his flying lesson last week (!), I headed to the movies. (Where, I am not embarrassed to say, I asked for the Senior Citizen discount. And got it! Without being carded, which, I’ll admit, was disappointing...) Anyhow, Zombieland was entertaining and even laugh-out-loud-funny in places. (Twinkies were mentioned.)

[Spoiler alert as I tell you a little about the plot.]

So the whole world has been taken over by zombies. Everything is deserted and smashed up. Two young men who have survived meet up and decide to travel together. One of the guys has a thing for Hostess Twinkies. They go into a grocery store looking for some sugary goodness. Voila! Twinkie-guy now has a banjo in his hands. (Where did that come from?) He knows zombies are in the store, so to summon them quickly (so he can kill them) he plays......what would you guess he plays? Those few well-recognized notes from “Dueling Banjos”!

Sure enough, here comes a zombie! Is he wearing overalls? I think so. And how do you think the zombie gets killed? If you guessed banjo to the face you’d be right! (Although, come to think of it, I don’t think that inexpensive banjo would have had a tone ring in it, so frankly I don’t think it would have been heavy enough to do much damage. Now if it had been a Stelling...Whoa! I’m worried about points of accuracy in a zombie movie?)

The boys have further adventures and meet up with two sisters who have survived (and who fleece them out of their guns) but that is the end of the banjo content. If you have a twisted since of humor and don’t mind a lot of gore (I did shut my eyes a few times), you might get a few laughs out of Zombieland. I know I did.

3 thoughts on “Zombieland! (Banjo content!)

  1. Steve (in Japan)

    Thanks, Murphy, you’ve convinced me that Zoombieland is not a banjo lesson for me. I’ll stick with my Grand Ole TMM DVDs and my new custom ones too. BTW, does that senior citizen discount apply to TMM purchases? — Just kidding, just kidding.

  2. Martin Bacon

    2 weeks ago I ordered a small ice tea at Bojangles. The cashier’s response was “Did you want the senior ice tea or the small ice tea?” Thus defining why I worked so hard on the Misfits DVD (Becuz I are one).

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