Dixie Bee-Liners American Revival Tour-Day 12

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

Let me just tell you the lengths to which  I will go to blog for you people. Today started out great with my friend Myrna picking me up at the hotel so we could go to hot yoga. Awesome. Wonderful class. I get back to the hotel and take my coupon for our complimentary breakfast down to the restaurant and sit down to eat my eggs and oatmeal. Only after I'm halfway done with my meal do I learn that the breakfast is NOT in fact complimentary, but we have to pay full price for it, which is $15. That's the first bummer.

Then I go back to my room, wallet lighter, to post this blog, only to find that the hotel DOESN'T HAVE FREE WI-FI!!! So. I walk down the street to the Caribou Coffee, which does have free wi-fi (thank you Caribou!). No big deal, except that there's a hurricane here and do I have a rain jacket? No. Do I have an umbrella? Of course not. Even still, everything was okay, if a little damper than usual, until I get right in front of the store and step in a four-inch deep puddle. So my shoes and socks are SOAKING wet and I'm not sure even our eight-hour drive to Baton Rouge today will be long enough to dry them out.

And now I'm about to run out of time before I have to go back and load my stuff in the van, so I'd better say a word or two about the show last night and make this a somewhat legitimate blog. The Red Light Cafe, Atlanta. Small bar, great crowd. Really fun show, especially when we squoze all sixteen of us on the small stage for the finale. It was like a clown car, only it was a clown stage. We just kept packing people onto it.

Tonight once we get to Baton Rouge we're going to go see Darrell Scott play at the same theater where we're playing tomorrow night. Completely pumped about that. We're just hoping that this hurricane rain doesn't last all the way to Louisianna!

8 thoughts on “Dixie Bee-Liners American Revival Tour-Day 12

  1. TT

    Your perseverance and dedication are much appreciated. Maybe you can be an inspiration to Sierra to get her blog back on :>)

  2. Arden Peters

    Your experiences with the $15 breakfast, no Wi-Fi in your hotel, and the four inch puddle remind me of a note pad with a picture of a toad on it. Across the top of the page was printed “Eat a toad first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

  3. Casey

    You have to cut Sierra some slack. She had a computer crash and had to get the hard drive replaced. I’m sure she’s trying to catch up on her schoolwork, and I’m sure she’ll get back to blogging soon!

  4. TT

    Well I hope so being her #1 fan and all and being sick, sick, sick about missing ya’lls show in Greensboro. Was all set and then the kids got asked to play at an art show thing. That stinks about the computer.

    Really enjoying your blogging.

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