Dixie Bee-Liners American Revival Tour-Day 17

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

Yesterday I found out that not only does the Uncle Earl band read this blog every day in the van, they have a song. A blog song that that they sing. A theme song, if you will. By the end of the tour I'm definitely going to get a recording, audio or hopefully video, that I can share with you.

Last night's show in Fayetteville was the best show that we've done so far. The crowd was wonderful. We Bee-Liners got a genuine standing ovation, at the end they gave Uncle Earl a long standing ovation, and again at the end of the encore. They really, really wanted the second encore, so we obliged with "Angel Band." We were competing with a college football game that night, and several people mentioned  that they hated we were on the same night. Otherwise we would have gotten a much bigger crowd, they said.

There was a brew pub right across the street from the theater, so after the show two-thirds of the Bee-Liners, and two-fifths of Uncle Earl and Sierra's band came out for a pint (well, fifteen ounces). The beer was wonderful, and the company---entertaining doesn't even begin to cover it. I'd say more, but mostly it was too dirty to post on our family-friendly blog.

From somewhat earlier in the day I'd like to share this picture:

Rachel Johnson---proud to be taller than a parking meter!

Rachel Johnson---proud to be taller than a parking meter!

Rachel went to eat breakfast with Clay Hess, Sierra's guitar player. Walking down the street he happened to notice that her head barely cleared the top of the parking meters, and they decided to immortalize it on film, well, in pixels.

Today we're headed to Springfield, Missouri. Not a long drive. Yay!

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  1. TT

    I gotta say that from reading this I have a new appreciation for how tough it must be with all of that driving. Most of us show watchers don’t really think about ya’ll playing the night before and then driving 8 hours the next day and doing it again. I have to drive 9 hours Friday and will probably be useless til about Sunday afternoon.

    Anybody from Uncle Earl blogging or do they just sing about it?

    Do you like comments from your blog readers?

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