Dixie Bee-Liners American Revival Tour-Day 20

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

Holy cow, day twenty! We've really been out for twenty days? It seems like a hundred. Just kidding. It seems like thirty.

News Flash: this afternoon (November 18th) around 5:00 Eastern time The Bee-Liners and (I think) Sierra Hull's band will be live on the radio--WDVX in Knoxville. You can listen online here, or tune in to the local FM frequency.

Last night was a truly exciting moment: Uncle Earl debuted the blog song on stage for our lucky Bowling Green crowd. And I got an MP3 version of the song, so everyone should be able to play it with no problem. Listen to the Murphy Method Blog Theme Song here. After they sang it I got several inquiries about the address of the blog, so a big welcome to any readers who were lured in by Uncle Earl's siren song.

I realized yesterday that I really hadn't had any pictures of Sierra Hull and her band on here, so I snapped one as were were hanging around, killing time backstage. Here's what Sierra does for fun:

Sierra Hull, finding her true calling.

Sierra Hull, finding her true calling.

This next story is about what Jeremy and I do for fun. We were in the green room backstage, which happens to be under the stage. Sierra's band was soundchecking and there was some foot pounding going on. Underneath the stage as we were, it sounded like someone using a sledge hammer. We decided walking around in the cool night air would be preferable. Jeremy found on his handy iPhone the Corsair Artisan Microdistillery, which was just next door to where we were (we took a roundabout route to get there, but we made it). The inside lights were on and the sign out front said "Distillery Gift Shop," so we took a chance and went in. The pungent smell of fermenting grain met us at the door. We didn't really see anyone, so we looked at the shirts, glasses, bottles of spirits they had there.

Brady, hard at work on a batch of Pumpkin Spice Moonshine.

Brady, hard at work on a batch of Pumpkin Spice Moonshine.

A couple minutes later a guy notices us, says they are actually closed, and introduces himself as Ben, one of the owners. We get into conversation and he tells us about their operation, which is less than two years old. Even though they're closed, he offers to do us a little tasting. We take him up on the offer. He first pours us their Rye whiskey, which is great. The Yazoo Brewing Company in Nashville made the mash for it, and it apparently really clogged up their machines so they'll never do it again. You better believe that Jeremy and I walked out of there with the last two bottles of that batch.

Then Ben poured their vanilla vodka for us. This was far and away my favorite. It tasted like drinking vanilla extract (made with organic fair-trade vanilla beans). I took a bottle of that home as well.

We moved onto Gin, which is not my favorite, but theirs was wonderful. Jeremy tasted the absinthe and liked it enough to buy a bottle. I'm not a licorice fan, so I just smelled its distinctive aroma and that was enough for me.

I would have liked to taste the Pumpkin Spice Moonshine that was running out of the still right at the that moment, but it wasn't ready for the public. Finding Corsair Artisan Distillery was by far the best impromptu side trip of the tour. We felt lucky to have happened upon them, and were so grateful that even though they were closed Ben took the time to introduce us to his wonderful products! They will make the rest of the tour much more fun!

Today we're hitting the road to Knoxville, Tenn., where we play at the Square Room.

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  1. Martin Bacon

    I bet Sierra palys the banjo a whole lot better than me and infinitely better than I play the mandolin:)


  2. Martha Sheperd

    This is such a cool blog! I feel like I’ve been on the tour with Casey minus the good food and spirits (darn!). I am a big fan of Casey from Steve Kaufman’s Kamp intermediate jam and Murphy whose banjo class I crashed there with my mando 2 years ago. Also Murphy, your column in BU and “The Method”. You go girls!

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