Yet Another You Tube Video

Casey Henry

I filmed these tunes as part of a video oral history project on women who play traditional music, which is being made by a woman named Dyann Arthur. It's called the Music Box Project. She is interviewing women all around the country. Although she'd talked to several clawhammer players, I was the first Scruggs-style player she had included. She has an interview scheduled with Murphy later on this summer. This is the title tune from my CD, "Real Women Drive Trucks." I wish that I had been able to get my banjo into more perfect tune, but I had to drop it into D tuning that morning, and it really needs at least a day to acclimate before it starts sounding right.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another You Tube Video

  1. martha carlton

    Casey, your banjo playing sounds great to me, even from Ecuador!!!!I met another female banjo player the other night here in Quito.
    She was from the
    Chicago area. Too bad neither of us had our banjos.

  2. Susan Morrison

    As always VERY COOL PLAYING, but why didn’t you play your Kel Kroyden banjo which would probably have been in G tuning? Just curious.

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