See Casey on Music City Roots Tonight!

Casey Henry

Tonight at 7:00 central/8:00 eastern you'll have the chance to watch and/or listen to me play live with the Dixie Bee-Liners on the Music City Roots radio show, which is held at the Loveless Cafe Barn in Nashville, Tenn., and broadcast on WSM ( They also stream live video at, so you can see us as well as hear us. Eddie Stubbs is the announcer, Jim Lauderdale is the host, and there are four other bands in addition to ourselves. We play first, so don't tune in late! We'll probably do about four or five songs.

If you live in town (or are coming into town for the jam camp) you can come see the show live for only $10. Details on the website.

I hope you can tune in!

6 thoughts on “See Casey on Music City Roots Tonight!

  1. banjoal

    Nice job Casey the music was great. I enjoyed watching you.. Maybe you will be near Pittsbugh and can stop for some good old home cooking….. banjoal…….

  2. Susan Morrison

    That was supurb! Loved that choke (bend) near the end of that last number! Kewl! The Beeliners need a lot more banjo, IMHO!!!!!

  3. admin

    Thanks, y’all!! It was a fun show to do, and we even got a goodie bag with Strawberry Jam, biscuit mix, a poster, boot socks, and more. I’ve never made biscuits from a mix in my life, but maybe I can find someone who can use it!! I will, however, use the jam and the socks!


  4. Steve (in Japan)

    Now, I’ve got to figure out how to watch a video clip of that show. It should soon be available on Bluegrass On The Tube. Right now the Dixie Bee-Liners aren’t listed in their index of bands. That has to be corrected.

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